Swedish Developers Zoink And Image & Form Unite To Form Thunderful

There’s a rather healthy game development scene in Sweden these days, from the engine room of development that DICE gives to EA to Avalanche Studios of Just Cause fame and Paradox Interactive’s growing influence as a publisher. However, to focus on just these would be to ignore the smaller success stories of Zoink and Image & Form.

Both are currently riding high, with Image & Form having released the well received and popular Steamworld Dig 2 towards the end of last year, and Zoink currently partnering with EA to create the open world adventure Fe. Now these two Gothenburg-based companies joining forces in a new parent company called Thunderful, planning to move into shared offices this year, but continuing to develop and release games under their respective names and franchises.


Brjann Sigurgeirsson, CEO of Image & Form and Thunderful said, “We already work together on a daily basis in PR, marketing, intelligence and publishing. Image & Form and Zoink will continue to produce games like we always do, but we’re now formalizing our close relationship. Through Thunderful we can share resources more effectively, officially act together and launch bigger, more ambitious game projects. We’re becoming a real powerhouse.”

“Brjann and I already exchange very much information, so this development is natural,” says Klaus Lyngeled, CEO of Zoink and Chief Creative Officer of Thunderful. “With a group of close to 50 people we’ll grow our clout both nationally and internationally.”

The LLC is co-owned by Sigurgeirsson, Lyngeled and Bergsala Holding.

Source: press release

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