TheSixthAxis Pubcast January 2018 – The Pilot

New year, new podcast! Except that we’ve decided in our infinite wisdom to turn it into a “pubcast”. So if you hear the clinking of glasses and folk music in the background, it’s because we’re down the pub, drinking a few pints of Oakham Citra, and nattering about games.

This is the pilot episode so it overran a bit, please do let us know what works, what doesn’t, and what you want us to be talking about! It’s going to be every month for now, but if you want more then tell us!

This podcast may feature strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes. If you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

  • You can grab the MP3 file here (right click to download).
  • You might want to get it (when the RSS catches us) on the RSS feed, here.
  • We’re on iTunes, when iTunes feels like updating. You can also leave us a review and subscribe there, if you want to be particularly lovely.
  • We’re also posting on YouTube, with audio-only videos if that’s easier for you to access, and which are embedded below.
  • Finally, the podcast now appears on Stitcher as well.

You can find some of us on the Twitter too, although Cael is far too cool to have an account.

For future episodes, please send us questions via email to podcasts[at], and you can also tweet questions to @TSAPodcast.

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  1. A pilot in a pubcast? Hazardous.

    • Oh, and the comment section works properly again! Maybe that was all it needed – you folks to go drinking.

  2. Does it?

  3. I really miss the podcasts, so this is very welcome, thanks guys. I will feed back once I’ve had the requisite dog walking time.

  4. The RSS download is broken ?

    • Thanks for letting us know! We’ll get it sorted :)

    • Hey! What podcast app are you using? I just tried it in my podcast app here and it downloaded without issue.

  5. the Xperia Z5 standard podcast app. If I download or stream that episode I get ‘player is disabled or not installed’ – BUT old episodes are fine.

    I’ve downloaded from the link and just listened – I enjoyed it, you should keep at it, add a little more structure and tell us what you are drinking ;-)

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