Stealth Horror The Persistance Will Be Available On PSVR July 24th

Early last year FireSprite announced the stealth horror title The Persistence exclusively for PSVR. The game is set on a ship which bears the same name but the crew have become monsters, and you are their to investigate while trying to survive. The initial reveal did make it seem like this would essentially be like a Dead Space in VR. Today there was confirmation of the release date, with The Persistence set to release on July 24th.

The name also can relay to the state of the player. Dying will be common but with each death a new clone of the main character Zimri Eder is created, intact with their memories. On top of that each rebirth will allow the DNA to be configured to make Zimri stronger. However each death also changes the layout of the ship, so you’ll never be sure what is waiting around the corner. Most of the time it’ll be the mutated clones of your former shipmates, which are intent on killing you.

There’s also a local multiplayer function where other players can use their phone or table to take control of the ship’s engineering system. They can lure enemies, close or open doors, and disable traps. If you have a partner who wants to make things difficult they can use those tools to make things harder for you too.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. I enjoyed the demo but need to give it another go, seemed like my kind of game.

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