Report: This Years Call Of Duty Will Be Black Ops 4

Coming to Switch

Marcus Sellars, who has a record of leaking game industry secrets before they have been officially revealed, has tweeted that this year’s instalment of Call of Duty will be Black Ops 4.

He suggests the game will be coming to Switch alongside the usual PlayStation, PC, and Xbox versions, with the port handled by “a company which is familiar with COD games,” which sounds like Raven Software, the team who ported Modern Warfare Remastered.

The reference to “modern times” and “boots on the ground” also seem to indicate the game will not feature any far-fetched future tech like spider-tanks or jetpacks.

Activision usually reveal Call of Duty to the press at the start of March so it’s entirely possible that Marcus has seen some early promotional material.

Source: Twitter

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  1. Hopefully it’s correct and people aren’t flying around like angry wasps,I didn’t mind Black Ops 3 for some reason but didn’t really like AW and didn’t really get into IW.

  2. Wish it was Ghosts 2 instead.

    Was Black Ops 3 the one where you’re on a train/monorail at the end? I played three or four COD campaigns back to back and they all kind of blurred into one.

    The one where you storm the stadium was good and the one with the tsunami. Hard to distinguish them all really – I’ve enjoyed all the COD campaigns so far.

    • Not sure on the Black Ops 3 campaign don’t finish,I myself enjoyed Ghosts as did a few others i know,sadly many didn’t for some reason or another and it got slated,sadly doubt we will see another Ghosts.

    • BO3 had a train part but that was at the start during the 5 hour long tutorial whilst the end, to this day, is pretty impossible to explain smh.
      Ghost started with the stadium mission & ended with the train/monorail scene and AW had the tsunami, but I don’t remember that in the campaign only online on the Defender map.

    • It’s Treyarch’s turn, so it’ll either be Black Ops or a new name and not Ghosts. Ghosts was Infinity Ward, who did Infinite Warfare instead of Ghosts 2. They could come back to it next year, but there’s basically zero brand attachment from it being a six year gap and it was generally not considered to be that amazing.

      All the things you describe are from Ghosts, by the way. Sneaking through a stadium, the tsunami and monorail finale were all Ghosts. Black Ops 3 was much trippier, though it did have some flashbacks to a train explosion.

      • I can’t remember anything specific about BOPs 3
        but I must have enjoyed it if I finished it.

        I remember liking the one where you decend into an underground lab and robots rise up out of the water to attack you. That was pretty cool.

        Ghosts was the first COD I’d played in years and I loved how varied it was. One minute you’re in the middle of an earthquake, then you’re in space, then you’re sneaking through old ruins with your dog, then you’re deep sea diving with sharks. I wasn’t really interested in COD before Ghosts, but it really surprised me. I enjoyed it so much I played every single COD game available at the time, one after the other. I didn’t think any of them were as good as Ghosts but I did enjoy them all overall.

        I think I prefer the more cinematic ‘James Bond’ style games to the more traditional FPS. Like the Arabia levels in Battlefield 1, which were pretty awesome. Maybe that’s why Ghosts didn’t go down so well with the hardcore COD players? Shame really because I’d love a sequel.

  3. As long as they include zombies i will be happy lol

  4. So all this COD talk got me in the mood for some COD. I’ve had MW2 and 3 on PS3 for ages but never played them. Started MW2 tonight and wow, that Airport mission is messed up. I remember hearing about it years ago but I wasn’t really into COD back then and never gave it a second thought. Seems even more chilling now with everything going on in the world today. Pretty unnerving to say the least. Good campaign though so far. Once I’ve finished MW2/3 I’ll have completed all the post World At War COD campaigns. Ready for BLOPS 4.

    • The chances that it’s gonna be BO4 is low though. Ever since the BO3 beta treyarch have said there will be no BO4, but also take into consideration that the devs do nothing but lie, here’s a few examples:
      Treyarch said supply drops would only contain COSMETIC items for BO3(lie)
      Infinity Ward said supply drops would only be COSMETIC and give no change in guns stats(lie)
      SHG said there was gonna be no way to buy supply drops, we’d have dedicated servers and there’s no sbmm. A week in the dedicated server were turned off and became p2p, you could buy supply drops & sbmm was added to the game.

      Let’s add my favourite lie by SHG out of boredom. In a recent patch it was said that health regen speed was getting increased, patch got released, health regen wasn’t touched and we still need to wait a few days to be fully healed.

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