Blanka Joins Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Check Out The Trailer

I must admit I’m quite surprised to learn that Blanka was not already part of the Street Fighter V roster, and even more so that he is DLC. I had assumed that as one of the original core characters he would have been in the game from day one, but apparently not.

For the latest game Blanka, or Jimmy as his mates call him, has reintegrated in to society and is living with his mum. Awww. However, as you can see in the trailer something sets him off and he gets punchy and angry, so what could spark such a reaction? Let’s hear from Capcom.

In SFV: AE, Blanka is living peacefully with his mother, and has adapted well to being introduced back into society. One day, a suspicious salesman approaches him and offers a way to make Blanka famous by mass producing a doll made in Blanka’s likeness. Will it work? Find out in his character story mode!

If you had “Shadowy corporation wants to make dolls” written down, ten points to you!

Personally I’m not convinced by the latest version of Blanka, he looks like the product of  Sonic and Pikachu boffing in a vat of nuclear waste.

Source: Capcom

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