Anyone Can Play The Sea Of Thieves “Scale Test” This Weekend

After the closed beta at the end of January left me wanting more, it seemed like there would be a long wait until 20th March before I could get another fix of sailing the high seas, playing sea shanties of my hurdy-gurdy and digging up pirate treasures. However, then there was the update to the Closed Beta client, and now Rare have announced that they’ll be performing a series of “scale tests” to stress test their servers and iron out some of the kinks the closed beta uncovered.

The first of these is this weekend, starting on tomorrow morning, 16th February, at 10AM GMT and running until 10AM GMT on Sunday 18th February. This will be open to those who took part in the closed beta, but also extends Xbox Insiders. Anyone can download the Insiders app on Xbox One and Windows 10 and enter Microsoft’s testing rings at the base level, so in theory this means that anyone can head into the Insider Hub, grab the Sea of Thieves beta client and play. We have asked for clarification from Microsoft on this matter, but that should be the case.

Update: Microsoft have confirmed to us that this is the case. Head to their support page on how to get the Xbox Insider Hub app.

If you feel you’ve seen all there is to see in the beta already, then don’t expect to see much that’s new here, though Rare have now started to talk about what the rest of the game entails, including the ability to take on raid-like attacks on the skeleton fortresses that dot the seas of the game, and that you’ll be working to build your own legendary character, taking contracts from different companies, and gaining access to a secret outpost that only the most worthy can enter in order to take on higher level quests. It’s a refreshingly casual sounding progression system.

If you missed out on the closed alpha and beta testing and aren’t about for this weekend’s scale test, then don’t fret. Rare say that there will be more scale tests in the future and that they plan for another beta closer to the game’s launch, which sounds like it will be a plain open beta.

Source: press release, Rare

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