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Cherry Pop Announce VRFC, "The World's First VR Football Game"

Crossplay crossing

Cherry Pop Games, developers of Sports Bar VR, have tackled a type of game never seen before in VR, namely football. The reasons are obvious, there are no VR controllers available for your feet, so Cherry Pop have ingeniously turned your arms in to your legs with their new Agile Locomotion system.

With the use of two Move controllers acting as your feet, natural arm motions provide the base running and kicking mechanic, while a series of basic button presses control the more precise movements.

The game supports up-to eight players online and is crossplay so PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift gamers will be able to to team up.

“It offers an energetic and engaging upper body workout that will keep you on your toes until the final whistle,” say Cherry Pop. “As with the sport itself, VRFC is easy to play but harder to master, and with a range of training activities you can develop your skills to become a true legend of the game.”

Source: Press release

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  1. Severn2j
    Since: Aug 2008

    While I have no interest in football, I do like the control mechanism. I played the beta for SprintVR recently which uses a similar system for running and as you swing your arms, it has the added benefit of removing any motion sickness. No idea how, but I expect the same benefit would apply here.

    Comment posted on 15/02/2018 at 18:39.