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Turn-Based Strategy MOBA Insidia Leaves Early Access Next Week


Competition breeds innovation, and while much of the MOBA market has been locked up by a few titans of the genre like League of Legends and DOTA2, there’s space for new ideas as well. Insidia, a turn-based strategy merged to the MOBA, is set to leave Early Access and reach a full release for PC, Mac, SteamOS and Linux next week on 27th February.

Where most MOBAs have players controlling just a single her, Insidia puts four heroes under your command, and pits two players head to head. It’s built around simultaneous turns that come in quickfire fashion, but while you can only command one hero each turn, the others in your roster will still use passive and automatic abilities to battle.

The ultimate goal isn’t just to wipe out the other player’s heroes, but to capture objectives, destroy enemy defences and eventually destroy their base – this is the bit MOBA players will be most familiar with. It’s a fascinating concept and genre mash-up and one that should keep games moving at quite a clip.

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