Director Of Warcraft Movie “Forced To Make Changes And Compromises”

The Warfcraft movie, Warcraft: The Begining, wasn’t a complete mess but it wasn’t that good either, and director Duncan Jones has described it’s creation as a “political minefield.” 

Duncan was interviewed by SyFy as his new movie, Mute, landed on Netflix a few days ago. It’s quite good, you should check it out.Here’s what he had to say about Warcraft.

Warcraft was a political minefield as far as filmmaking goes. And I think a lot of the rewriting in that, over the course of making the movie was really, really difficult and at times disheartening. Just being forced to make changes and compromises just due to the politics and the nature of that film. So, that was a real heart-wrencher. But I’ve learned a lot and I’ve become more mature and able to deal with those kinds of situations because I’ve been through it now. But at the time, that felt pretty traumatic.

It was mainly studio politics. You know, Legendary had an incredibly turbulent period while we were making Warcraft. They were associated with Warner Bros. They left Warner Bros. and joined Universal. They were sold to Wanda, this Chinese conglomerate. They lost or replaced a number of their producing staff halfway through our movie.

And at the same time as all of that, we were also working with Blizzard, who understandably were very careful about what happened with the movie because their bread and butter was the game Warcraft, which was bringing in a billion dollars a year for them. So, whatever we did with the movie was likely to be small potatoes compared to how important the game was for them. So it was really a very active political landscape.

I think I learned a lot from that experience and if I ever put myself in that situation again, even though I went into it eyes open, I’m a lot wiser now.

Source: SyFy

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  1. As someone who knows nothing about Warcraft i enjoyed the movie. I guess there’s a lot of extra baggage when you’re making a movie based on a known and loved franchise, must be why many of the other mooted games-to-movies never see the light of day.

  2. Kind of feel sorry for him now. He makes 2 good films (Moon and Source Code), then gets lots of money to make something everyone hates.

    Then he goes on to make the film he wants to make (Mute), for presumably a lot less money, and everyone seems to hate that. Even though it’s not bad, really. Film critics lately seem to be judging anything Netflix does a bit harshly.

    And Moon had Kevin Spacey in it, so you’re probably not allowed to like that now.

    Plus he’s always going to be the son of his famous dad.

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