The News At Sixth: 02/03/18 [Updated]

It took a few days, but the snow, ice and cold of Storm Emma has caught up with our news output today. Tuffcub’s boiler packed in leaving him without heating or hot water. He said several hours ago that he’s “Going on an actual quest in frozen wastelands to try and find some sort of heating.”

This was the last we heard of him. Pray for Tuffcub.


So, as the clock strikes sixth, we only have two news stories to sum up, but rest assured these will be added to shortly. In the meantime, why not check out our Far Cry 5 preview?

Update 8PM – And I’ve added a good few more news stories into the mix. Enjoy reading about Blue Mammoths, Plants, Zombies and the Welsh.

You’re a wizard, Barry. And Frank, and Fred, and Christine and Elizabeth are both witches. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery for smart devices has a new teaser trailer.

Super Lucky’s Tale has some new DLC out now, taking you to the summery Gilly’s Island. Perfect considering the weather outside.

0°N 0°W – pronounced Zero North, Zero West and not “Ooooh Noooooo!” –  has got a launch trailer

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  1. Finally got snowed in at home today along with the rest of the country who’ve already been ‘enjoying’ it for a few days. Well, i say snowed-in, about 5 inches of snow but enough to make the roads a no-go. This is no time to be without heating, i’ve needed mine on all day so i hope TC got his sorted okay.

    • I’ve been snowed out, I live 40 miles away from work so they’ve put a few of us up in a local hotel so there’s no excuses for us not getting to work this morning and tomorrow. My Vita saved the day up until the battery ran out otherwise it’s been bloody boring, my kids are busy building a snow man at their grandparents while I twiddle my thumbs. Ah well, at least i have heating. Good luck TC!

  2. I sent you guys an email about the new Barbican podcast which looks at music in video games. Thought it might be of interest to some readers.

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