Report: Diablo III Being Ported To Nintendo Switch, Despite Denials

Blizzard recently posted a short video on Twitter which showed a Diablo night light being turned on and off, or ‘switched’ on and off. See what they did there? Cunning.

However, they then went on to dampen everyone’s excitment by stating “As of now, we do not have any current plans to announce Diablo for Switch,” adding that the tweet was simply “a fun engagement piece.”



Eurogamer got bored of the shenanigans and went to spoke to mysterious and shadowy ‘sources’ who have told them that yes, Diablo III is coming to Switch and it’s in production right now. The sources were surprised to see the teaser on Twitter as the official reveal is “several months off”, so it sounds like it may be announced at E3.

Source: Eurogamer / Twitter

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  1. It’s rare that I rebuy games, but I would be seriously tempted by Diablo on the Switch!

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