Rumour Suggests GTA VI Will Return To Vice City

YouTube channel The Know has posted a video with rumours about Grand Theft Auto VI, stating that they have heard that the game will return to Vice City and head to South America. They also suggest the game will have a playable female protagonist for the first time, although it is not known if she will be the only playable character or part of a larger cast.

The also state the game won’t be out for three to four years, which to be honest seem like a guess that anyone could make, Red Dead Redemption II is out this year so a GTA four years later seems entirely plausible.

So why are we reporting on gossip from a YouTube channel, especially for Grand Theft Auto which is subject to thousands of ridiculous made up rumours every time a new game peeks over the horizon? Well let’s just say we have heard that there may be a grain of truth in these rumours.


Apparently all of this will be coming out in 2022, but we all know what Rockstar are like with release dates. Still, only a few years before we find out, and a lot could change in that time.

Source: YouTube

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  1. I’d love for it to be set in London, or if not Sony could make another The Getaway game…

    • Another big franchise is in London next, in fact it’s going to be set around where I live so I might get to run past my flat :)

      • A big franchise that features running. Hmmm.

        That could be anything.

      • The Running Man: The Game

    • Watch Dogs 3 im guessing

  2. Did VC Stories (and LC Stories) ever come to PS4?

    • Nope, not yet.

      Libery City stories came out 13 years ago (I know!) so they missed the 10 year anniversary.

  3. Amazing, I hope it’s 80s/90s again with a suitably retro soundtrack.

  4. Vice City is my all-time favourite GTA game. Maybe the only GTA game that was actually fun – before Rockstar started staking themselves too seriously. Hopefully they’ll bring back ‘cheats’ so we can have flying cars/floating cars/micro cars etc. again.

    • *taking. Unless they’re all self-harming vampires. Possible.

      • You mean like the low gravity, explosive punches and super jump cheats in GTAV?

      • That seems a little bit over the top. I said ‘fun’ not ‘batsh*t crazy!’ :D

        To be fair, I played GTA V at launch and don’t recall there being any cheats at the time. Is it possible they patched them in later? Besides, even flying cars couldn’t save that snooze fest. I realise 6.5 Billion (number of copies sold to date) people probably disagree with me but there’s got to be one person out there in the dark corners of the web, who does agree with me that Rockstar games are hugely overrated.

  5. It is about time they had a female lead character.

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