Get This Great PS4 Theme To Celebrate International Women’s Day 2018

It’s International Women’s Day, and Sony have decided to continue to champion inclusivity on their platform with a free theme based around some of the kickass female leads that you can find in games on PlayStation 4. You can head to the PS Store and grab the theme here.


Created by Maja-Lisa Kehlet, one of the artists at Media Molecule, It features Chloe and Nadine from the Uncharted series, Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, Kara from the soon to be released Detroit: Become Human, Ellie out of The Last of Us and Dreams’ own pink bear-like creature.

Source: Twitter

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  1. Thank you, I couldn’t figure out who the 4th one along was, now I know!

  2. Very nice, Maja-Lisa Kellet just amazing :)
    Going to download that in few minutes….

  3. Didn’t recognise Nadine at all there. Anyone worked out what Dreams actually is?

    • Do you know, I decided to be brave and click on the post on twitter and read the comments. Surprisingly not one (as of now) is moaning about this and saying something anti-women. Most people seem pissed the Kat from Gravity Rush isn’t on it. Not at all what I was expecting.

      • I was going to ask “not even some tosser asking when international men’s day is?”

        But I checked for myself. And yes, there’s at least one. Although that was after you posted.

      • It’s Monday 19th November apparently. International Trans day is 31st March. There’s a day for everything – who knew?

        Love it!

      • Are you the comedian Richard Herring? It’s his job to tell people it’s November 19th. He’s busy doing it again today on Twitter, as he does every year.

      • No idea who that is. He kind of looks like a cross between Jamie Oliver and Chad Kroeger though.

        I don’t do twitter. I have an aversion to youth culture and old people who think they are still young.

  4. I like the message but it’s an ugly Theme IMO. They do say art is subjective.

    • Agree with you on this, I fully support the idea, but the theme is not for me. I’ll rather go for some of these 25 background images they posted on the blog about.

      • Well good news the new firmware is out and you can do custom background ;)

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