Mario Tennis Aces Release 22nd June, The Cover Reminds Me Of Donald Trump

Update: And it’s official! Mario Tennis Aces will be out on 22nd June. There will be a “pre-launch online tournament” open beta before the game’s release to test online play.

During the Nintendo Direct they also detailed more of the shots that go a bit beyond basic tennis – don’t worry, there is a “simple rules” mode that give you only the basic tennis rules. Zone Shots are slow-mo motion aimed shots that can damage and break racquets that get in the way, unless, of course, you manage to time a perfect block. Helping you pull off blocks are new Zone Speed moves that slow down time.

These moves use up special energy which is built up through hitting shots back and forth, but you can boost this with trick shots. Of course, instead of wasting it on zone shots, you can save up for an ultra-powerful special shot. Even that can be blocked, though.

Online multiplayer is there for four people in doubles matches, but you can also jump into online events and tournaments. These are matchmade based on your play record, and can lead to earningspecial outfits and additional characters.

Oh, and if you want a touch of the Wii, there’s also motion controls.

The original Trump-filled story follows.

There’s a Nintendo Direct scheduled for tonight at 10PM, but unluckily for Nintendo it seems as though the cover art and release date that they were all set to announce to a rapturous audience has been spoiled by a leak from Japanese retailer Rakuten.

But before we get to that, I want to remind you about Donald J. Trump, the current President of the United States of America. Normally you wouldn’t associate him with tennis, since he seems to spend the vast majority of his time on the golf course, but he has definitely picked up a racquet in the past. We know this because of this very regularly mocked photo:

Remember that? OK, now as much as it might pain you, keep that image, that poise, that angle in mind, and compare it to the leaked Mario Tennis Aces cover art – Mario Tennis Ace in Japan.

As far as I’m aware, it’s the first time Mario’s held such a pose on the cover of a Mario Tennis game, so I’m just going to assume that Nintendo have done this on purpose.

And now that I’ve ruined the game for you, here’s what you actually want to know: Rakuten listed Mario Tennis Aces for a release on 22nd June, which makes sense given just how tennis mad some people go around that time of year.

Source: Rakuten via Nintendo Insider [1, 2]

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  1. Mate wtf. Can’t unsee that now.

  2. Another one to add to the list of Switch games I’ll need when I finally bite the bullet and buy one!

  3. Trump has a helluva Beyoncé rump! I never knew we had such a bootylicious leader of the free world. What’ve you got Kim Yong? Sexy calves? I doubt it.

  4. This kinda reminds me of the time some shallow, completely average looking, cretin took a picture of a middle-aged woman, half-naked in the changing rooms at the gym and posted it all over social media – in an attempt to shame her ageing body. People were outraged (doesn’t take much these days) and the girl was forced to apologise publicly and repent her evil ways. Poor middle-aged, woman was trying to make her body great again, just like DT is trying to make America great again. Word. But I just love how body shaming is considered acceptable when enough people dislike the person at the receiving end of the joke. Donald is a person too you know and words hurt :'(

    I hope they have a safe space in the White House.


    This is for showing that damn picture! BURN! BURN! BURN!


    I hope Maybot’s policies won’t result in me being arrested for fictional arson of a fictional place.

    as for Mario tennis aces. Did they really need the Aces part? I mean, Mario Tennis Aces seems a bit of an unneccessary title. Just Mario Tennis. Or Mario plays with balls.

    Actually, not the playing with balls bit. Last thing the industry needs is for Mario to be revelead as some kind of sexual predator.

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