What We Played #347 – NBA Live 18, Yakuza 6 & Vermintide 2

The fifth of the fifteenth.

There’s another week in the bag, and another set of games played! I’ve been trundling through Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition as well as the shiny new Windows Edition, and I’ve yet to tire of Noctis and his pals. Admittedly I have changed to the Japanese voice tracks at some point for a bit of variety, but it’s still impressive!

I’ve also been enjoying Vermintide 2 with Tef and Dave, though the revelation that it couldn’t simply update from the beta and wanted to re-download the whole game at launch yesterdayhas caused some minor annoyance (meaning we were all livid).

Besides that I made a very silly mistake and bought something twice – once on Xbox One and once on PS4. For some games that might not be too bad, but when you’ve bought NBA Live 18 twice you have to start worrying. Seriously though, I’m really quite enjoying it, and getting on with it better than NBA 2K18!

I also caught up with Ade and Steve to record a pubcast down the pub. Beer is good.

Jake has actually had some proper free time again for the first time in weeks, so he took the time to get the platinum trophies for A Hat in Time and RiME. He’s also started and almost platinumed Assassin’s Creed II from the Ezio Collection, which has made this a very productive week of gaming!

Miguel has been putting “big” hours into Yakuza 6. He’s also been playing a bit more Dragon Quest Builders in-between classes and whatnot. “My roommate busted out his PS2 and original Xbox earlier this week, so me him and the other roomie sat down and started playing Castlevania: Curse of Darkness, which is secretly the best Castlevania ever.

Steve has played lots of Geometry Wars 3 “to try and fire up my decrepid synapses”. He also thinks he’s working towards the end of World of Final Fantasy and has a few bits and bats of games to review. Meanwhile, Tuffcub has finished The Witcher III, though it “had far too much talking and the ending wasn’t quite as epic as the mid-story battle.” He still said it was “very good” though.

Dave has mostly been playing Kirby Star Allies (review inbound next week), as well as Vermintide 2 with Tef and me. He’s also dabbled with another game called Castle of Heart on the Switch, though he’s not too far into that one.

Jim has had a mixed week of gaming;

“This week started off pretty crappy with the very disappointing Bravo Team. With a glut of great shooters now out on PlayStation VR it’s baffling to see Supermassive and Sony lend their names to such a sub-par game. Aside from that I’ve been smashing my way through Final Fantasy XV, another beastly sized RPG clogging my backlog. I’m on the final chapter and I’ve had fun though it isn’t quite as good as the pre-XIII games. I also watched the Kingsglaive movie to get a feel for the setting which was decent enough.”

Aran has played a little bit more of Persona 5 and is building up to fight the fourth boss. He’s also played the first episode of The Council with a review coming next week. Ade then has been playing Slice, Dice and Rice for review which I think may have detrimentally affected him:

I thought it was a cut above the rest. It didn’t make me throw a paddy. It made me feel both naughty and rice. It was slicely too short. It made me want to roll a D20 and instruct my wizard to cast a fireball spell. I’m all out of puns.

Finally, Tef, if you hadn’t gathered already, played Vermintide 2 with Dave and myself! He also got in a few matches of Overwatch, got into the Xbox One X Enhanced back catalogue with Forza Horizon and Crackdown, and waved goodbye to Max and Chloe in Life is Strange: Before the Storm’s Farewell bonus episode.

Now then, what have you been playing this past week?

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  1. Finished initial play through of Lego Ninjago. Not my favourite Lego game, but one of the better ones. Not sure if I can be bothered to go back through for the platinum just yet.

    Few bits on PS store I’m tempted by. If I don’t go to the pub tonight I’ll probs buy Heavy Rain/Beyond, Everyone’s Gone to Rapture, Infamous First Light and Alienation.

  2. Same random things as last week, mostly.

    Officially declaring GT Sport to have the worst AI, ever. Turn on the helpful racing line and watch the AI basically stick to it, unless it somehow ends up not being on the line, at which point it takes the shortest route back to it, and doesn’t care if that means ramming you.

    Also picked up Shooty Fruity in the sale. Ridiculous VR fun. Gets a bit frantic later on, shooting evil fruit while scanning shopping.

    And quite a bit of Skyforge. Quite pleased to finish the avatar fight twice in one week. Well, the 5 person version. Took over an hour, lots of small mobs, a tricky room with lots of enemies to survive, 3 mini-bosses, 1 of which can knock you off the platform to take you out permanently, and a big, fun final fight with new gameplay mechanics it doesn’t tell you about. F2P done properly too. Still not spent anything.

    • The AI has always been like that, it’s awful. Probably just as well they made an online game, it doesn’t look like they can do AI in the slighest. Far smaller studios like Codemasters Birmingham do an impeccable job with AI.

      • It’s never been quite that bad. It’s almost as if they did the least they could do to squeeze in a single player mode.

        Made even more stupid by the patronising video you have to watch before you can play online.

  3. Aside from the usual mix, Burnout Paradise Remastered. It’s very nice in 4K,but I’m not sure it’s 30 quid nice, and they could’ve just patched the original on xbox.

  4. Mostly ‘The Witness’ for me this week (and possibly until the end of time). How many puzzles?

    It’s a lovely looking game – I almost wish there was more do in it, other than puzzles.

    It kind of reminds me of the Saw movies, if you were trapped on an island and forced to solve endless puzzles before being released – minus the jaw-ripping contraptions, the violence and the gore. So nothing like Saw then really. Although, I can’t help but feel that a jaw-ripping contraption on a timer, might have made it more exciting somehow.

    I have enjoyed solving all the puzzles but some of them are ridiculously tough. I’m definitely not looking forward to ‘The Challenge’. Although I do love ‘In the Hall of the King’.

    Also tried a bit of LA Noire but I haven’t enjoyed it at all. I only got as far as my first interrogation before calling it a day. Some games just don’t age well.

    I think I expected it to be a standard open-world game, like Mafia II. But it feels like an experiment of new gameplay ideas gone wrong. I understand now why there was never an LA Noire 2.

    I do Love the time period and the game design but the gameplay and character controls feel as old as the era they’re set in. I find this to be the case with most Rockstar games tbh – very clunky gameplay.

    Almost forgot, I also completed the first Trine game and really enjoyed it. I bought the trilogy in the recent sales and can’t wait to start the next one. Really good.

    Also, also, also, Aragami but it’s early days yet. Looks absolutely amazing but plays like root canal without sedation. I reached the second level before quitting in a rage.

    To be fair, I was trying to complete the level with 100% kills but the ‘super aware of their surroundings’ guards have definitely been eating their carrots because they seem to be able to detect their fallen colleagues from 50 meters away… in the dark…

    I’ll persevere because I do love the art style but maybe the platinum is beyond my frustration threshold.

  5. Gravity Rush for me. The backlog has been given a proper seeing to and this has been the highlight this year, so much so I’ve gone and bought the sequel in the PSN sale. Great game, brilliant story, but sadly my Vita has developed a dodgy analog stick so I can’t run left, lucky really that most of the falling is done in straight lines. Anyone got any recommendations for Vita repairs, or is it possible for a moron to give it a go? (I’m the moron!)

  6. I tried and did not like all the Plus content – except for Bloodborne which i didn’t need to try but definitely do like.

    So it’s really just been Dark Souls 3, all my farming paid off and i defeated the second boss – Vordt of the Boreal Valley – on my second attempt and have now explored a good bit of the Undead Settlement, which naturally is full of all manner of new delights and chuckles!

  7. Well….. bwen playing Call of Duty WWII Zombies with B_Cambo and two of our mates. We got the trophy ‘Fireworks’ one go and did again immediately for our friend. Hopefully we can nab the hardest trophy ‘Dark Reunion’ tomorrow with the same gang.
    I also played Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier got it quite cheap and nabbed the Platinum no. 338
    Started Arizona Sunshine and it is brilliant fun!
    Also got a copy of Bravo and will play it next week.

  8. Busy week for me being on holiday for 2 weeks xD, rubbing it in? Sorry.

    Anyway, managed to wrap up Friday 13th the Game Platinum, finally landing 1000 times played as Jason.

    My new VR Aim Controller arrived with my copy of Bravo Team. Actually didn’t find it as bad as some reviews had shaped it to be. Cleaned that up for Platinum 93.

    Less proudly I also nabbed the Midlight Deluxe Platinum for number 94. Really fun actually 😁

  9. Started the week picking up the Platinum for Gravel,I’d already bought it by time I had seen the TSA review and another reviewer said they enjoyed it and it was a buy,after finishing I’m more inclined to go with Tef’s review,ended the week by just this minute picking up the Platinum for MXGP2 which I went back to and was happy to find I could still get the multiplayer trophies,rest of week was Worms Dead rising 4 and shortly tonight Diablo 3.

  10. I played the Plus game of the month, Bloodbourne. I’ve been tempted to get it for a while, but have a bit a mixed relationship with the Souls series. I loved Demon Souls, which I finished, but couldn’t get past a boss in Dark Souls and then never finished it, so I gave up on the series altogether.

    Bloodbourne is quite good. I only made it to opening the first gate and just catching a glimpse of the first boss, this cleric thing. But I’m not sure how long I will last, as it quickly gets very repetitive, having to go through the very same level sections again and again.

    In general, I think they didn’t get their accessibility to a broader audience right. Offering a difficult experience for those dedicated few doesn’t mean you necessarily have to exclude everyone else. So, I’ll probably get to the point where I just won’t bother anymore and will give up, although I wouldn’t mind exploring the full world. And that’ll be the moment I’ll be glad I didn’t buy the game.

    • Repetition is definitely a big factor but also par for the course with this type of game. Enjoy it for as long as you can, so many delightful horrors await you ahead! :)

      • That’s the plan, to enjoy it as long as it lasts. How often I died just to get to the first gate, however, made me think I might not last very long. We’ll see.

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