EA Is “Not Making A Single Dollar” On Co-op Adventure A Way Out

Josef Fares, the film director turned game director behind Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons and the upcoming A Way Out, is quite the character. His enthusiasm for his game shines through, he doesn’t mince his words, and he’s a lot of fun to talk to.

We recently sat down to play a few snippets of A Way Out ahead of its release next week – read our impressions here – playing alongside and chatting with Fares along the way. Out of this came an interesting tidbit about how the game has been financed under the EA Originals brand:

Here’s the thing, and you have to understand this: with this deal that I have for this game, EA is not making a single dollar out of this. Every single dollar is going to the developer. They’re not even making any money and all I’ve got is support from EA.

They’ve not questioned the vision – they can’t because I won’t allow it – so they’ve been super supportive all the way. Even with this buy one [Friend Pass] thing, no problem.

While EA have had a particularly bad rap of late, Fares has been a staunch defender of them for the way that they’ve worked with him and the team at Hazelight making the game.

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