Devil May Cry’s Dante To Join Monster Hunter: World

The next crossover for Monster Hunter: World will feature Dante from Devil May Cry as the guest character, and the reveal has been timed to remind everyone that the Devil May Cry HD collection is out today on PS4 and Xbox One.


Here’s some more from the Capcom Unity blog:

You’ll get to fight hellish foes in Monster Hunter: World to earn this devious combination of the Force Edge and Alastor. In Monster Hunter, that weapon falls in the Charge Blade category, and typically features a hefty shield that, when combined with its matching sword, can turn into a massive axe. As you can see, we’re putting a bit of a DMC twist to the formula and leaving the shield out of the picture altogether (you’ll still be able to guard though) and instead of a sword turning into an axe, you’ll get a Force Edge that turns into a massive Alastor

Capcom say they event will be available to all players and to ‘stay tuned’ for moe infomration on when the event will occur.

Source: Capcom Unity

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  1. I’m assuming like the recent Street Fighter 5 you’ll require a save to unlock….

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