The News At Sixth: 14/03/18

There’s a lot of format jumping going on today with Skyrim VR moving to PC, Dante joining Monster Hunter: World, and loads of classic Sega games moving on to current gen consoles.

The belated charts (UKIE’s fault, not ours) announced that Grand Theft Auto V was back on top, and company with the most annoying adverts on TV, Deezer, joined Xbox.


Get yer eyeballs round this little lot:

Also today…

Broly is joining the Dragonball FighterZ, he’s a big lad isn’t he?

More fighting news guest characters, here’s Final Fantasy’s Noctis who will be joining Tekken 7.

The Long Reach is out today on PlayStation 4, check out the dev diary.

Go behind the scenes of Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

Here’s your first look at online pay in Super Mega Baseball 2

Learn the basics of Battletech in this new video.

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