Star Wars Battlefront II’s Progression Changes Revealed, Microtransactions Return In April

It’s taken a bloody long time, but EA are finally taking the wraps off their comprehensive update to Star Wars Battlefront II’s progression and microtransactions system. It’s a root and branch overhaul, that both greatly simplifies the player upgrade system, but also preserves all the progress you might have made up until now. The first update will be out next week on 21st March, with further updates to overhaul the game’s cosmetics coming in April.

The biggest change is that progression is now linear. Star Cards and other gameplay altering upgrades are now only unlocked in a linear fashion and can only be unlocked through earning experience with that particular unit, hero or ship. Level up a unit and you earn a skill point that can unlock or upgrade a Star Card. Again, you’ll keep everything you’ve already unlocked, so no progress will be lost.

Crates will still be in the game, but they now no longer include Star Cards. Earned from daily log ins, completing Milestones and timed challenges, they will be limited to credits and cosmetic items  like emotes and victory poses. EA stress that these are not things that will impact the gameplay.

April will then see the return of microtransactions alongside a new collection of “appearances”. These are effectively skins, letting you mix things up with, for example, a Rodian character model for your Resistance trooper, which can be purchased using in-game credits or the microtransaction crystals.

To sum it all up, EA are giving the game the progression and microtransactions that it should have shipped with.

Source: press release

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  1. It’s great that time = progression rather than currency, but it does mean that there’ll be a small cost to variety. It’ll make the game a bit more manageable for some people too, but it’s a shame we can’t have more raw content. I’ve played dozens of hours now, love it to bits, but now there’s nothing more to keeping me coming back.

    • Essentially, yes, that’s what it means. The dev time and effort that would have gone toward creating events, maps, modes and testing all of those will have been reduced, while time has instead gone on redesigning the progression, testing it, and creating the new cosmetics.

      Obviously, that’s within reason. It doesn’t really excuse the long period of silence and lack of content that the game has endured over the last few months, and I fully expect that a bunch of what we see added as cosmetics was actually in the first Battlefront, but it will have had some effect.

  2. Remember when gaming allowed simple stuff like progression to be actual progression? Remember when cosmetics were free? I remember. I weep for the future of gaming. I despair for progression being more about who has the bigger wallet.
    I wonder if this is Disney threatening to pull the license from them or they realised that trying to milk everything pisses off people?

    Also, no Pink Vader!? INSTANT 0/10! Bastards. #Wewantpinkvader

  3. I still don’t feel like “cosmetic only” is a valid excuse. It feels like a foot in the door whilst they prod to see what we will accept.
    I remember unlocking different outfits etc was exciting but now even games like Rocket League (with it’s free cosmetics) still makes me yearn for the cool lootbox cosmetics. But I just can’t justify spending money on top of already paying.
    I guess I want it all but we’ll see how this plays out with the rest of the industry.

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