Dragon Ball Legends Brings 1 On 1 Combat To Mobile

Bandai Namco took to the Google Developer stage at GDC to present their newest entry in the Dragon Ball canon, with Dragon Ball Legends an exciting new mobile PvP title that utilises Google Cloud.

Bandai Namco have proudly stated that Legends will be a high quality title that utilises state of the art technology to allow PvP combat around the globe, and on first impressions it looks as though they’ve achieved that. Demonstrating the Google Cloud technology, the development team were able to play a seamless battle between San Francisco and Tokyo – some 5100 miles apart – and are adamant that the stability is now there to provide a level playing field between mobile gamers to support this kind of title.


The game is 1 on 1 but players can choose up to three characters to take into battle. It’s heavily action-orientated but they’ve made the controls easy and intuitive, with actions controlled by a running line of action cards that players can pick from and which light up the screen with Dragon Ball’s trademark hyperactive combat.  The game sports an over the shoulder view that’s reminiscent of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse games, and on first impressions looks like it could be a great deal of fun.

For fans of Dragon Ball the opportunity to play with some of anime’s most beloved characters against gamers from anywhere in the world, on a format you’re going to carry around in your pocket, could make this Bandai Namco’s next big mobile title.

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