All The News From The Spring Nintendo Nindies Showcase

Another short and sweet Nintendo showcase is behind us, with the focus of this 11 minute video presentation being the many “Nindie” partnerships that Nintendo have been fostering.

Catch the full video here, or scroll down for the headlines.

Mark of the Ninja Remastered brings the acclaimed stealth platformer to Switch in the autumn.

Fantasy Strike is a fighting game with some rather Street Fighter-esque 3D graphics, but with the hook that anything from the wind and fire to gambling and time can be a weapon. It’s got single Joy-Con support for multiplayer and will be out this summer.

Just Shapes & Beats is a “musical bullet hell” game featuring a full story mode with local and online co-op. It’s been in development for a long time, but will be coming first to Nintendo Switch this summer.

Inspired by classic 80s B-movies, garage is a top down shooter that has you fighting the living dead and nearly dead mutants. It’s another “first on Nintendo Switch” game coming out this spring.

The latest really weird game from Adult Swim, Pool Panic is all about playing pool. It’s really odd looking, but will have 100 levels and local multiplayer. Again, first on Switch in 2018.

A bit less weird is Bomb Chicken – OK, still weird – which is a “chicken platformer” where you try to infiltrate BFC to discover what’s behind their signature hot sauce recipe. It’s also first on Switch this summer.

Lumines Remastered is coming to Switch this spring!

Reigns Kings and Queens combines the Tinder kingdom management of Reigns and Reigns: Her Majesty into one for Switch. It will feature local co-op and it’s out in spring.

Light Fall has you platforming through the world of Numbra using something called a Shadow Core to propel yourself through the world. It looks really cool and features a speed run mode. Guess what? It’s a Switch first and out in the spring.

A slapstick stick figure open world RPG adventure in the Wild West, there’s a lot going on in West of Loathing. This one’s an outright Switch exclusive and it’s out in the spring.

Pronounced ‘poo-duh’, Pode is a Norwegian inspired co-op adventure puzzling game with two characters that have contrasting abilities. You can play it solo, but co-op will be where it’s at when it releases in the spring.

The Messenger was revealed as an old school 8-bit ninja platformer, but plot twist! It’s actually an old school 8-bit ninja platformer where you can time travel to the 16-bit era. It’s out this summer.

A real time tactical rogue-lite – I guess this description works? – Bad North has you defending your island from a Viking horde, where once your units are dead, they’re dead. It’s a first for Switch game out this summer.

And finally, The Banner Saga 3 is coming to Switch this summer, alongside other platforms, and the first two games in the trilogy are on the way “soon”.

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