PixelJunk Monsters 2 Announced For PS4, Switch & PC [Updated With Trailer]

Well here’s a pleasant surprise, as Spike Chunsoft and Q-Games announced with a stream that PixelJunk Monsters 2 is in development and releasing really very soon. It’s coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam on 25th May. It will be priced $14.99.

Update: the teaser art below wasn’t just for show. That’s actually what the game looks like! Seemingly built off a similar game engine to The Tomorrow Children, the game now features both birds eye and third person views. There’s new environments to explore, new towers to build, new items to use and up to four player co-op.


Original story continues:

It’s been over a decade since the original was an indie hit on PlayStation 3, and three years since the last game in the PixelJunk series, Nom Nom Galaxy. Since then Q-Games’ biggest game of note was The Tomorrow Children as a PS4 exclusive, but sadly couldn’t find a steady audience after its release, with the servers being shut down just over a year later in November 2017.

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  1. Lovely news and a lovely coincidence as I’m playing the original right now. Smashing little game. :-)

  2. Now we are talking. 50% of the games I miss from PS3 era are catered for, I just hope this hasnt lost the magic (or includes the original game).

    I just need SSX3 and I couldn’t give a rat’s backside about backwards compatibility…

  3. AHAHAH, I searched for pixeljunk monsters 2 THIS WEEK!!

    wow… so happy

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