Sea Of Thieves’ Maintenance Ship Drops Anchor For 5 Hours Tomorrow Morning

Despite extensive testing, week after week, the influx of wannabe pirates (over 1 million of them) has inundated Rare’s servers and thrown up a number of bugs and issues with the game. So Rare are having to put the game in dry dock for a bit to liberally apply planks of wood to holes in the hull.

There’s two upcoming maintenance windows where the game will be taken offline for five hours at a time. These are:

  • Saturday March 24th, 9am–2pm GMT
  • Tuesday March 27th, 9am–2pm GMT

Thankfully that’s not completely awful for anyone in Europe or the US, but it’s still a big long patch of downtime.

As explained in a video earlier this week, they’ve targeted a bunch of issues to be fixed in a patch early next week including:

  • Achievements being delayed – these were turned off remotely to improve server load
  • Temporarily missing items in quick menus
  • Xbox One X performance issues
  • Missing cosmetic DLC

They’ve also noted that if player rewards aren’t showing up, to just keep on playing and trust that they will show up eventually, so don’t try quitting and logging back in, as that just makes it worse for everyone.

Source: Rare


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  1. Will they actually put in content? Apparently, the game is kinda dull without friends and is said to be like No Man’s Sky pre-putting stuff in. *Awaits comments about NMS and me being wrong*

    Still, seems rather lenient for this type of game..

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