The News At Sixth: 23/03/18

It’s Friday! Can you believe that the definitive week ending anthem is over six years old? Now could post the video, but I’m sure we all know the song I’m talking about, so I won’t subject you to that.

Instead, let’s turn to the news and, well, it’s was a bit quiet today right up until PixelJunke Monsters 2 was announced!


Also today…

You can currently get F1 2015 for PC at the sweet price of nothing from Humble.

Ubisoft sent Danny Wallace to a UK town that’s a hot bed of religious groups and cults. Bit odd for a Far Cry 5 trailer to send someone to Sussex, but there he is in East Grinstead…

And A Way Out got itself a launch trailer. The game is great, BTW.

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