Media Molecule Demonstrate How To Make Cut Scenes In Dreams

Media Molecule have released a 45 minute video showing off cut scenes and puppetry within Dreams, taken from a demo that was given at GDC. The system looks incredibly powerful but also rather complex, there’s an awful lot of sliders, toggles, and buttons, and that’s a comment from someone who knows his way round Cubase.

Source: YouTube

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  1. Yeh so that looks complex. I am not the most overly creative person but it does look like it could be fun to be honest.

  2. I’m quite keen on playing around with the music editor.

  3. Is it just me or can anyone else see this game being released and disappearing from the charts after one week? I think it’s something I might enjoy personally but it feels like a lot of time and effort for what could be a very niche market.

  4. I have all the intentions of running some kind of creators group and I already have so many things I’d like to build in it. The frustrated non-coding me has games in the making! The puppeteering is superb.

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