The Swords Of Ditto Will Have A PlayStation Exclusive LocoRoco Crossover

I don’t exactly understand why there’s a Swords of Ditto crossover with LocoRoco, but I’m strangely happy that there is. It comes in the form of an exclusive quest for PlayStation 4 owners, dropping a bunch of loose LocoRoco into the game world and battling against Moja Troops. It promises to include all the music, sounds and singing of the LocoRoco games, which always puts a smile on my face.


Sadly PC players will miss out on LocoRoco goodness, but they’ll not be a step behind on the release date, which is set for 24th April. The Swords of Ditto comes from the mind behind Stealth Inc., but it’s decidedly more adorable while still featuring the same hard edge.

The game plays out like Legend of Zelda that’s been squished down into a single play session, with the player waking up after each success or failure with a new character and a world that has evolved around their actions. Win and the evil Mormo will have less of a hold over the world, but lose and you’ll find yourself having to save a world that is crumbling. You can also bring a buddy along to play with you in local co-op, whether on PS4 or PC.

Source: press release

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