PlayStation VR Is Getting Its Price Slashed To £259/€299/$299

Sony’s stab at virtual reality is having its price cut by a pretty big margin today and tomorrow. From a price of £349.99, it’s dropping to £259.99 in the UK, with the EU and US also dropping from €399.99 and $399.99 to €299.99 and $299.99. The price is coming into effect tomorrow for the UK and EU, but is available now for the US.

This is for the VR Starter Pack, which includes the headset a PlayStation Camera and a copy of PlayStation VR Worlds.


The price drop comes alongside the release of the Wipeout Omega Collection VR update, which is free for all owners of the game.

Source: EU PS Blog


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  1. Probably explains why the “here’s a random thing you might like” email from Amazon today was trying to get me to buy that VR Starter Pack for £350 then.

    They may have had better luck trying to sell me a bucket, because I suspect I may need one with that Wipeout VR update. That’s going to be a good test of VR legs, isn’t it?

  2. Great price for the bundle. Still not enough good content to justify it for me yet.

    • There’s plenty of good content. And some crap. You may even have some things already with VR support. Have a look in the library on the PS4 and see how many things have the little VR icon next to them. I suspect they added that feature in the last update for people like you who are almost tempted to buy one.

      • Elite and PCars 2 would easily do it for me.

        Instead mostly everything seems to be an ‘experience’ rather a fulfilling game worth all the money and wires. There’s some full games out there, but not enough to justify purchasing a platform, which is sadly what PSVR is.

        If I don’t buy it on a whim later this year, I’ll probably wait until next gen when/if it becomes an accessory.

    • There is tonnes of great content.

      Don’t be thinking you are going to be playing VR like you normally game, it’s a totally different play experience, you wouldn’t want the headset on more than 30-60 minutes at a time, so the way you use it, that’s different to non VR games.

      I bought mine at £300 (with a £30 staff discount on top), and it’s an incredible purchase. Totally worth it, and more so at the new price.

      This is the road to 5m users, before oculus and vice even get to 500k units combined….

  3. Very tempted for Moss alone, but there seems to be a really large amount of digital VR titles to try too.

    • There were four PSVR games releasde last week, this week there’s a full blown hack and slash RPG “Preta: Vendetta Rising” – unfortunately a lot of these get release with little fanfare so they go unnoticed.

  4. VRy tempted… but not just yet. I’m having to stop myself buying VR games in the Easter sale. Some great deals.

  5. got burnt with the Vita so it’s still a No from me

    • That’s why I wear oven mitts when I play on mine 😂

    • Your loss.

      £10 voucher back at Argos this weekend, so £249.

      I paid £100 more for mine and it’s worth every penny, so at £249, it’s an absolute steal.

  6. It just bugs me that they haven’t released the psvr passthrough box capable of 4k/hdr to buy separately. I’d use VR much more often if I didn’t have to faff about with cables now I use a PS4Pro.

    • Sell it and buy new. You would shift a gen 1 for £200 of you are quick, so the passthru upgrade is gonna cost you £50. You get all the other refinements too….

  7. It’s getting a bit more tempting now! Especially since it doesn’t look like they’re going to release a non-VR version of Battlezone and I really want to play that, and I’d love to experience SW Battlefront VR.

  8. Still too expensive for what little games it has. If I had a job, the cash and a PS4 already along with feeling that VR won’t cause me issues, i would only spend up to £150. Just too much gimmicky games atm. Skyrim is the only major one i can think of along with Mothersodding honest to gosh, fecking Dooooooom! Needs Total War, Needs Xcom, strategy games are perfect(ish) for it.

    • It’s got over 200 gtoyoes for PSVR with another 150 coming this year

      • Most of them are gimmicky.

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