Discover The Features Of Pathfinder: Kingmaker In This New Trailer

Any game that claims to be “the first ever isometric cRPG set in Golarion” has to be worth a look, so here’s a peek at Pathfinder: Kingmaker from Owlcat Games. It is based on the Pathfinder roleplaying games and will be launching on Linux, Windows PC, and Mac later this summer.


Here’s some of the key features, courtesy of the press release.

  • A Living and Untamed World Awaits – Pathfinder: Kingmaker features a dynamic world with highly detailed locations to explore, day-night cycle, changing seasons and weather system.
  • Create The Adventurer You Want – Seven core races and 14 different classes, each with up to 3 different archetypes, with the option to customize characters adjusted to your playstyle.
  • Pick Your Companions Wisely – Up to 11 diverse companions, with individual stories to tell and relationships to build, provide players with a party as complex as they are.
  • Shape The Future of your Kingdom – Shape the Stolen Lands with decisions made either as a wise and righteous king or as an evil tyrant. Players have the power to shape the future of their kingdom and the world beyond.

You can discover more about the game on the official site. 

Source: YouTube / Press release

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