Gravel Gets A Couple Of New Multiplayer Game Modes

As Milestone add a pair of new party game modes to Gravel’s online multiplayer, I do have to wonder where this kind of ingenuity was in the run up to the game’s original release. In addition to bog standard races and championships, you can now partake in a spot of Capture the Flag and King Run.


I ask where the inventiveness was, because as I wrote in our review, Gravel was just a bit dull. It took fairly straightforward races and events and wrapped them up in a pseudo game show that added little to the game’s presentation. If Milestone had rolled fun little asides like Capture the Flag and King Run into the single player career of Gravel, I might have found this to be a more engaging game overall. These are purely single player, but it shows Milestone’s intent.

When I think about racing and car shows on TV, yes, they have the main event of the championship races or timed laps to show which car is definitively faster and which driver is better, but they often kick loose and have fun as well. Remember when Kimi Raikkonen was racing tractors with a bunch of F1 presenters? Or just look at all the shenanigans with car football and caravan smashing that has featured over the years of Top Gear. That is the kind of TV show presentation that Gravel ought to have brought to the table.

More of this, please, Milestone!

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