PUBG Xbox One Update 12 Is Out Now, New Map Coming To Test Servers This Month

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is still fighting up hill on Xbox One, as Bluehole grapple with getting the huge map and player count to work on the console. Update 12 released in the last couple of days, to much derision from the community about how it fiddles with vehicle handling and hasn’t really fixed frame rate stability issues, but one thing being reported that’s not on the patch notes below is that cosmetic spawns have been removed, hopefully reducing CPU load in the process.

Beyond that, PUBG on Xbox One will be getting a second map in May, the desert themed Miramar map that was added on PC as it hit 1.0. This is set to go into testing later this month, and the devs say it will include new vehicles, weapons, and a number of other important gameplay optimisations, such as improved menus.


PUBG on Xbox One is getting a free weekend next week, which should hopefully be a good time for Bluehole to show what’s so good about their game.

Here’s what Update 12 did:

PUBG Xbox Game Preview Update #12

Optimization and Stabilization

  • Partially optimized the vehicle system. The dust effect caused by friction with the ground during driving has especially been optimized, and the vehicle system has been improved in part.
  • Fixed a problem with voice chat that caused some crashes.
  • Grass objects in Erangel have been optimized and will continue to be optimized going forward.


  • Fixed a serious bug that caused vehicles to flip or get airtime for no reason. This includes the three-wheel bike.
  • Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances the character would be upside down or seated in a strange position when moving seats while riding in vehicles.
  • Player will receive more damage in a vehicle collision. The heavier the vehicle, the greater the damage inflicted upon the player. Also, players are now more likely to die or be knocked out when colliding with a vehicle running at high speed.
  • The vehicle passenger will receive more damage when the vehicle crashes into an obstacle like a wall or tree. When crashing into something at high speed on a smaller vehicle, such as a motorcycle, the player will take much more damage.
  • Fixed issue causing the 4x scope to be excessively reflective.


  • Fixed issue causing certain UI layouts not being properly aligned.
  • Fixed issue of buttons bound to the UI(map, inventory etc.) affecting vehicle operation.
  • Fixed issue of equipment icons not shown properly on the HUD.
  • Fixed issue of LT, RT scrolling not working in the inventory when using controller preset B.
  • Fixed issue of excessive acceleration when the stick is tilted more than a certain angle depending on the R stick acceleration setting.
  • Fixed issue of team member indicators incorrectly showing on the plane

Other Bug Fixes

  • Removed collision of discarded magazine on the floor after reloading.
  • Fixed a cosmetic bug that occurred when characters wore certain clothing or shoes.
  • Fixed issue of fonts breaking up in case of certain languages.

Scheduled fixes for identified issues

  • When changing the deadzone settings in the lobby, the options screen needs to be opened once again for the settings to be reflected. This issue will be fixed soon.


  • Added a new free crate (“Western Military Crate”) that can be earned with BP.


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