War Child Charity Launch RE-PLAY Fundraising Campaign

War Child UK are kicking off their latest retro video game themed charity fundraising campaign today. Themed around getting players to think back on playing games as a child, RE-PLAY has a number developers, publishers on board, from Bethesda and 343 Industries to Wargaming, setting up live streams and a flash sale over on Steam.

The RE-PLAY flash sale on Steam – running 12th-14th April – features a selection of modern games and classic counterparts. There’s the original X-Com alongside the modern reboot, Civ III alongside Civ V, OlliOlli 2, Pirates!, the first and most recent Worms games, and a few more.


Additionally, a number of studios have designed retro-themed tshirts for the drive. Available here until 3rd May, there’s tees for World of Tanks, OlliOlli, Monument Valley and more.

Over on Facebook Livestream, Unilad Gaming will had Steve McNeil hosting a stream with YuoTubers TomSka, Ashens and the FNATIC esports team playing their childhood games. Their game choices might make you feel old…

War Child UK is a charity that’s focussed all around the children affected by conflicts around the world, working to held them actually be children, to learn and to play. Their Can’t Wait To Learn programme brings educational games to children using tablets and they provide mobile access to education when schools aren’t available, and obviously try to provide protection to those that need it. War Child works with US partner Children in Conflict to reach children in 15 countries across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

Source: press release

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