What We Played #352 – God Of War, Mad Max & Super Daryl Deluxe

It’s been a good week for gaming in the Leighton household, though only if the game has robots in it. My son has gone Robot Wars mad. Not just in a “I quite like this” kind of way, but into an all-consuming, TV, book, toy, game obsession. If it’s not on our television it’s being watched on his iPad, which has now turned into filming his own ‘shows’ with robots made from Lego. In a potentially disastrous move I’ve installed Robot Arena II on my PC. And now I can’t get on my PC. It’s not the most technically spectacular game, but with a bit of tinkering you can get versions of all the major contenders from Robot Wars into it, and that’s about all he wants. I’ve at least got him out of our room with Robocraft Infinity, which is turning out to be a lot of fun, and lets you build all sorts of things, and obviously then use them to blow other things up.

When I’ve had time to play my own games I’ve been playing Super Daryl Deluxe, Final Fantasy XV, Tooth & Tail, Star Wars Battlefront II, and I’ve got Project Nimbus: Code Mirai to work on this weekend.

Tef has been playing a spot of God of War, a smattering of Mario + Rabbids and something he’s not allowed to tell you about! Meanwhile, Dave has been playing Crisis of the Planet of the Apes with his VR hat on, as well as some PUBG which he seems surprised about. New chap Jason has been hitting all the D’s, with Dark souls 2, Divinity 2, and Deployment.

Tuffcub has been playing Mad Max, which is this month’s PS+ offering, and is really liking it. He’s also played a bit more Blasters of the Universe on PSVR and finished Hellblade. “Took me a good few attempts to get in to Hellblade, the first set of puzzles are so boring, but I discovered that if i played it in virtual Imax on PSVR it really brought the game to life. Very good indeed.” Curiously, he’s also been playing Deer Hunter on PS4, because “reasons”.

Also playing the apocalyptic Mad Max is Gareth, who never finished it the first time around because he kept getting distracted by side content. He’s still getting distracted by side content. He’s also restarted Far Cry 5 for “my usual review replay ritual… but on hard. And I keep dying. And it resets your multiplayer progress and deletes your previous save when you restart.”

Miguel has been playing Regalia and Yakuza 6, plus a little bit of Super Daryl Deluxe and the new Overwatch event. Ade has been playing through Adventure Pals with a pal in co-op with the intention of getting a platinum but he seems to now just be angry. “JUST GOT ONE MORE CUPCAKE TO FIND BUT I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE IT IS?!”. And Aran has a confession to make. He’s playing Shadow of the Colossus. For the first time.

Jake has developed a serious Fortnite addiction and really hates the recent downtime. He’s also been busting out tricks in Urban Trials Playground and “shitting in my pants at creaky doors in Outlast II on the Nintendo Switch ahead of my review”. He told us that “Outlast II does very clever things technically to keep the game relatively on-par with the graphical performance across the other platforms and it’s a sign of great ports to come for the Switch”.

In between conferences, Steve has played lots of Kingdom Hearts 1.5: Final Mix. He’s also picked up Super Star Wars cheap on PSN and enjoyed grabbing all the trophies. “So much more difficult than I remembered it!”. Alongside those, he’s put some time into Azure Saga: Pathfinder which is apparently taking a long time to get started. Lucky for Jim  he’s been playing God of War. “With the campaign wrapped up, there’s plenty to go back and do including side quests and seeking out the Valkyries, a series of extremely tough bosses”. He’s also been playing a fair bit of Radical Heights, the latest battle royale contender. “Despite being in “Xtreme” early access, I really like it. The 80s vibe mixed with random gameshow-style set pieces works well. More importantly, the shooting is good”. Finally, he also managed to sneak in some time with Condemned 2.


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  1. I’ve still been at F2P Tera. Trophies definitely come far too easy, and some bits actually look quite nice later on. But the bonus from Amazon kind of spoilt things getting far too much XP and making all the quests pointless. And the 5 player dungeons are too easy because it handily finds you a group of random people, at least 1 of which will be far too powerful and do all the work. Which gets you a trophy (1 for each dungeon). Just 1 more dungeon to go, which might only be available when I reach level 65. Which also gets a trophy. Then it’s just the final trophy for killing all the “world bosses”. That might be where it goes wrong, since some only spawn once an hour. Or possibly daily or worse. (At least the other trophy for killing bosses on the other half of the map is glitched in a good way, and thinks “kill 15 quite big monsters” is the same as “kill 15 rarely spawning bosses”)

    The latest PSN sale may also tempt me over the next week or so, because my backlog isn’t big enough. I’ve already been tempted by Shadow Warrior 2. Because who doesn’t like a bunch of dick jokes mixed in with their mindless killing. Not sure it needed the excessive loot and upgrade systems, but it’s certainly fun.

    Bits and pieces of lots of other games took up the rest of my time. Attempts at clearing the backlog lead to half an hour of something, a trophy pops up, and I change to something else.

    • I’ve figured it out. The sales are an insidious plot to perpetuate our backlogs. And it’s working. I grabbed Elite Dangerous and Psychonauts PSVR. No idea when i’ll get to play them. :/

  2. I played through Tokyo 42 this week. I love the art style and the stealth missions but the final couple of battles spoilt the experience for me entirely, even on easy they were a mess of an effort at bullet hell, the isometric view made it far too hard to consistently avoid being shot. I was all ready to do extra missions and hunt for collectibles but I can’t be arsed at all now, so instead I’m getting back into GTA Online as meets with work mates have become a regular hilarious, smashy, explody murder fest!

  3. Nothing noteworthy, just bit’s ‘n’ bobs of everything, revisiting various locations in Bloodborne, played the Trackmania Turbo VR levels, then some GT Sport VR time trials. I played a little of Bioshock but decided to jump into Bioshock 2 instead and i’m enjoying that much more. Oh and some more No Man’s Sky.

  4. So, I finally achieved 100% sync in AC Rogue before realising you don’t actually need to 100% EVERYTHING that for the platinum. Doh!

    The Legendary battles were really fun but the Storm Fortress ship was a real pain before I figured out the best tactics.

    I actually feel kinda sad that it’s over tbh because this is probably the last ‘classic-style’ AC game we’ll ever get to play. Unless they remaster the remasters next gen… or Ubisoft see and take onboard my excellent advice here in the TSA comments and revert back to the old style AC games. I’m feeling quite positive about this.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more. Origins felt very much like one step forward and two back. And Bayek…. one of the most boring characters ever conceived.

  5. Whoops, I did actually play another game this week called SLYDE. Possibly the fastest platinum trophy ever (30 seconds) and only 99p on the PSN this week.

    Basically, you need to complete one puzzle and every single trophy pops. Game of the year contender for sure.

  6. Played a little Origins but between the leveling up “gates” and having recently played the fantastic Rogue, I’m finding it a dreadful slog and am forcing myself to continue.

    999 from The Nonary Games, really entertaining and pulls you right along until you reach the climax your path has led you to. With multiple endings I’ll definitely be playing through again.

    30 minutes of Farcry 5…. more than enough.

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