Deployment Review

Some of the best games are the ones which you don’t have to sink multiple hours into in order to enjoy them. Titles like Rocket League are so enjoyable because you can jump in for a quick match just before you have to go to work, or while you wait for something to cook. Knowing that you don’t have to commit hours in order to enjoy a game is a huge relief, especially if you have an ever dwindling supply of time to work with.

Released last week for PC, Deployment hits this bite-size match spot wonderfully, and despite a single match only taking a few minutes they’re so much fun that you’ll often find yourself continuing on just to get one more game in, until an hour later you realise your food is burnt and you’re late for work.


Deployment is set in a world where society is on the brink of collapse after another war, and while computers are keeping the bare minimum of things running it could end at any moment. Every important system is connected to the Etherweb and the remaining corporations and governments are fighting for control using Infosoldiers; AIs designed to constantly battle each other for supremacy. If that seems a little much then don’t worry, the story isn’t all that relevant. What is relevant is the fact that this is a top-down shooter that you can play solo or with friends, and that it is incredibly easy to learn and an immensely enjoyable experience to boot.

The controls are simple and they feel well thought out and reactive, which is perfect for the kind of twitch decisions you need to make during each match. As well as simply blasting your opponents you also need to try and capture various posts which can give you different benefits. These range from healing towers to turrets and all of them are worth keeping hold of, adding an extra layer to the standard shooting fare.

Each level is procedurally generated which means that each match requires a slightly different strategy to really master,  and while keeping hold of the boosts is huge the capture point is usually in a completely different room. As such you’ll find yourself flitting from room to room in order to hunt your opponents and keep control of the towers for the largest possible advantage.

As well as finding the right strategy you’ll want to find the right class for you, and while each one has the same basic controls they play in a completely different way due to the different weapons and special abilities. On top of this you have the ability to customise each class as you unlock new augmentations by completing different objectives. Each class also has two different weapons which can alter the way they feel completely. It may be that you’ll find a few different classes and switch between them or you might just find one you love and stick with it. Either way, the classes feel different enough to be satisfying but are easy enough to pick up that you always know you can hold your own with them.

What’s Good:

  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Short matches
  • Wonderful controls
  • Every match feels different

What’s Bad:

  • Playing with friends involves lots of invites
  • Some of the unlocks will take ages

Deployment is a huge amount of fun and ultimately it’s just nice to sit down with a great gameplay experience and enjoy it. The matches being so short really means you can just jump on for ten minutes and get through a few games without worrying about not having enough time, and since every match is fast paced and each shoot-out is usually a clutch affair it never fails to be exciting. In fact, thanks to the fast respawn time matches are pretty much all action, all the time. With the opportunity to master different classes and unlock augments as you go there’s always something to aim for, making the gameplay loop immensely satisfying. Playing with a friend is even more fun once you have your teamwork down to a tee, marking Deployment out as a fantastic multiplayer experience.

Score: 8/10


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