Sega Announce Japan Exclusive Mega Drive Mini

Nintendo laughed all the way to the bank with the NES and SNES mini, and it seems to have left their erstwhile console rival green with envy. Alongside the Shenmue remasters, Sega FES 2018 also had the announcement of the Mega Drive Mini, exclusively for Japan. Details are thin on the ground aside from that, from the games that will be included on the system, to the price, and even when it will be released.


While this announcement is just for Japan, reports say that it’s actually just a repackaged version of the Sega Mega Drive Flashback device that’s been released in the West (but not Japan) under license by AT Games. The company briefly took credit on Facebook, though the post has since been deleted. Sadly, while the Flashback does have 85 games included, wireless controllers and can actually work with original controllers and cartridges, it’s not been particularly well received.

Hopefully, whether a repackage or a new device, Sega get to exert some more stringent quality control.

Source: Sega via Metro

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  1. It seems these flashback devices are quite popular I’m more interested in the Now and future games and hardware.

  2. All the good games are on the Megadrive classics collection that’s coming to consoles anyway.

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