What We Played #353 – God Of War, Guacamelee! 2 & Nintendo Labo

Man, I’ve been enjoying games this week! I finally started playing For Honor, and it is brilliant (alright, I’m a little behind there), as well as Train Valley (also behind), Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, as well as Raiders of the Broken Planet and Tooth & Tail. Of course, I’ve started God of War today, and so far it’s also brilliant. What hasn’t been brilliant is that Star Wars Battlefront II is borderline broken for me on the Xbox One X, so I finally gave up and traded it in. Maybe I’ll have another crack when it inevitably ends up on EA Access in a few months time.

Jake played Guacamelee! 2, the sequel to Shaq Fu and Pocket Rumble at EGX Rezzed last weekend, all of which were “great fun, especially Guacamelee! which was the highlight of Rezzed for me.” This week he’s just been playing Fortnite and wrapping up Urban Trials Playgrounds and Outlast II for review on the Switch. Besides continuing to play after reviewing God of War, Jim also put in some serious retro time with Parappa The Rapper, Lair and Heavenly Sword. Lair, mate? Really?

Gareth has been on Mad Max, with shorts bursts of Far Cry 5, and even shorterer bursts of Elite Dangerous, which he’s learning to play via YouTube. Tuffcub has also been playing Mad Max at home, before putting on his pixel repellant cream for EGX Rezzed and playing Guacamelee! 2, The Hatching, Onrush, Hollowpoint and Strange Brigade.

Steve has finished Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix Gaiden Ultra Extreme Special on Beginner (as his son Xander was taking turns), cleared all but the no death time trial on the “awesomely creepy” Little Nightmares, failed to get past the initial tedium of Azure Saga:Pathfinder and started the silly and satirical Penny Punchin Princess on Vita. Aran played some Armello in-between being very busy, while Miguel jumped in on the free Ghost Recon Wildlands weekend and ended up buying the lot. Ade is taking a look at the newest Star Wars tables in Pinball FX 3, and hoping to find some money down the back of his sofa for God of War.

New guy Jason has been lucky enough to play with a real life Labo this week, plus Membrane, Bloodborne, Heart & Slash and a bunch of stuff at Rezzed. Dave meanwhile has spent more time on PUBG, as well as a bunch of games at Rezzed, including Hollowpoint, Knights & Bikes, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, and more!

Last but by no means least, Tef also ventured down to play Nintendo Labo – sharing his thoughts on it here – got his PS Vita out to try and go back to clear Danganronpa 2, and found the story to be as bonkers as ever. He’s also been delving into a few Xbox 360 games that have been recently enhanced for Xbox One X, such as Red Dead Redemption and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and has started up Battletech for a bit a mech-battering review.

So then, did you go out in the sunshine? Or are you skulking inside and playing God of War?

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  1. Some F2P things this week. Got the platinum for Tera, which is fun but nothing special. Easy trophies, mostly. All for levelling up every 10 levels (plus a level 65 one), and the instance dungeons, which are quite fun. And then the last 2 for killing the world bosses. One was glitched in a good way (so I got that last week), and the final one took ages. 11 bosses to kill and they only spawn every hour (or less). Sit in one spot, hopping between channels (4 to 9 channels depending on the area) and hope you’re first to kill it when the hour is up. And being level 65 by that point, they die with a single hit. Then on to the next boss. Got there in the end though.

    And Skyforge is still entertaining me. Seems they were quite clever in the update last week, with the daily quests that used to be mostly “clear this specific mission” now being “clear an unnamed squad or group mission”. No more waiting for ages to match a random group, or trying to solo them. The current invasion is more fun than it was the first time around too, with lots of chaos on 1 of the open-world maps.

    Another platinum happened as well, with Rez Infinite. That last trophy for direct assault mode took a while. Clear the whole game in 1 go. About 50 minutes. Then do it 5 more times with slightly different colours. And infinite overdrive was unlocked by then, so it was 5 hours of pressing circle constantly (well, it last for a certain time, so you just listen to the music and press it every 8 beats).

    Next to finish up is Killing Floor 2. Just need to get to level 25 (currently about 24.75), and a couple of other things. (If anyone else needs the VS Survival mode trophy, let me know. Winning a round as humans is tricky, but a 1v1 invite only match apparently works. Someone needs to stand around as zombies and get shot. And then obviously second round I’ll stand around as a zombie and get shot)

    I was also going to pick up an Aim controller tomorrow. For weird reasons, I had Argos vouchers and they had them in stock for just £45 (minus whatever a second hand copy of Farpoint is worth). But now it’s back up to £55 and out of stock.

    I’m going to have to go and buy God of War and keep that nice Mr Balrog happy, aren’t I? ;)

  2. Just Far Cry 5 for me this week. Really enjoying it. Gameplay great as ever.

    There’s definitely more of a horror vibe going on in this game. I’m picking up some serious Resident Evil 4 / Outlast 2 vibes with the ‘zombie’ enemies and the whole cult angle. The Father, is creepy as hell too.

    The problem I have now is that God of War arrived in the mail this morning… what to do, what to do?

  3. I finally got around to getting Horizon Zero Dawn and I’m loving it, like, properly loving it. Firstly it’s absolutely stunning visually, ridiculously so. The story is great, has me enthralled, great sense of discovery. The combat is also brilliant, very involved.

    All in all a top, top game.

    • The story is so tragic. When you find out how Aloys world came to be :O …I remember reading every note and listening to every recording in the latter part of the game. Absolutely brilliant.

      • I’ve been doing the same from the start, really enjoying the world they’ve built with this one.

    • You’re in for a treat! Horizon really is something special and I agree with JR, the story was great but went somewhere I really didn’t expect.
      It was a fun game to platinum too, mainly because I got it without really trying!

  4. Few weeks in Jamaica got me feeling piratey, so cracked on with AC Rogue. Nearly finished it now though, so on the look out for a Far Cry 5 Gold Edition eBay bargain!

  5. I’ve been really enjoying Shadow Tactics from Twitch Prime, it’s devilishly difficult and yet so addictive! The artwork is superb.

    • It’s such a good game! I didn’t realise how much I missed the old Commandos games until I played Shadow Tactics last year.
      It’s a very well made game, it’s definitely a niche genre but hopefully people at least give the demo a go.

  6. Just Bloodborne. I had abandoned it previously after a few attempts at the Shadows of Yharnam Boss, returned to the game recently and have been traipsing through all the locations to re-familiarise myself with everything. I can deal with just about any enemy in the Nightmare Frontier – except the small water snakes that attack in groups. If i was stuck between them and the enemies that cause you to frenzy and lose health – i would run towards the latter. I’ve had another couple unsuccessful of goes at the Shadows boss but it’s a longish trek back to the boss each time i die and that kills the momentum a bit. However, i’ve done some research and i’ll be returning to the Shadows with a new strategy – and a few more points in my strength and vitality. I also started using the Tonitis weapon, had it stashed in my inventory for a while but never bothered with it before. Holy cheese it can pack a punch, especially in it’s electrified trick mode. It one-shotted an enemy which usually takes me 3 hits ! I wonder if the Shadows will enjoy tasting it …

  7. Played Fifa 18 and got a cracking 90 rated team ^^ just a 150 shy away from 1000 matches won! ^^
    Helped B_Cambo with Far Cry 5 co op trophy.
    Started God of War around 7pm or so and loving it! Going to stop for a bit to help out MadJunkBoy to nab the online trophy on Grid 2 which I believe will be his Platinum aswell.
    Then it’s back on God of War late night sesh xD

  8. Little more FC5. About 60% in I’d guess and I still don’t know how I feel about it, I’m having a love/hate relationship with it.

    Tried the VR a little more in bite size chunks and while the experience is enjoyable it’s simply not worth how it makes me feel.

    Alas, it got traded against a GoW PS4 Pro for my wife so at least she’s happy, or at least was until she burst into tears 5 minutes into the game for reasons unbeknownst to me.

  9. Finally coming back and getting the urge to play again.
    So i Started off with playing L.A Noire and cleaning up the DLC missions i have.

    Also played some Brink to get that last trophy for 100%

    And thanks to Crazy_Del i got the Plat on Grid2 as well.

    Now i’m thinking about playing some GTA V since i kinda stopped playing when that came out. Any other recomendations you guys can give me?


  10. Had a rather big exam today, so i didnt get as much gaming time as usual, but i did squeeze in some Life is Strange – Before the Storm; finished episode 2 and it really doesnt disappoint! Also a little bit of Nier – the original on PS3, i want to finish that before Automata. And i managed to get an hour and a half of God of War today at midnight, a few hours before my exam…
    And now im drunkenly waiting for my subway home after the post-exam celebrations :)

    • There’ll be a lot on cool easter eggs waiting for you when you play Automata.
      I really want to play through Nier and Drakengard 3 on PS3 at some point, but I worry they will feel really janky after playing the Platinum made Automata.

      • Yeah, im contemplating if i want to play drakengard 3 also or if ill just watch a playthrough on youtube… Its still pretty expensive, so i havent bought it so far…

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