Ex-Ubisoft Dev Says All Shooters Will Have Battle Royale Mode

With rumours flying around that both Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII and Battlefield II having a Battle Royale mode, an ex Ubisoft developer has suggested that the mode is going to be standard for all games in the future.


Alex is creative director at Typhoon Studios and has previously worked on Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed 3.

I’d quite like Destiny 2 to get a Battle Royale mode, but as Bungie can’t make the game work with eight players let alone 100 that seems unlikely.

Battle Royale isn’t anything new, PlayStation 3 had MAG but the game mode only became popular thanks to Fortnite and PUBG. Of course a lot of Fortnite’s popularity is due to the fact that it’s also free to play.

Source: Twitter via PSL

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  1. I’m sure “every other online shooter within a year” means “about the time people get bored of that nonsense”.

    I’ll admit I’m probably too old for what appears to be something designed for young people with the attention span of a goldfish who are probably only playing it because they can’t just watch other people playing games on Youtube all the time and have to make some vague effort every now and then.

    But either it’s going to be in everything from now on until the end of time, or everyone is going to jump on the bandwagon and get burnt when everyone quickly gets bored of it. Neither outcome is particularly good, really.

    • On the contrary battle Royale mode is slow, tense and even boring at times. Not at all the kind of thing someone with a short attention span would like. CoD is more suited to them, where you get a kill just about every 30 seconds and are back in the action within seconds of dying.

      • No, a CoD game lasts ages (not as long as a Battlefield game I guess). You might die several times, but the game lasts far too long for young people who can’t concentrate for more than 3 seconds.

        A BR mode leads to death and that’s it quite quickly. Ideal for young people.

        We’ll see one way or the other over the next year anyway. If it’s crammed into everything and everyone gets bored and moves onto the next big thing, it’s success so far is entirely down to all those young people playing.

      • I can’t reply to Mr.YD but I completely agree with you Starman. Average COD game lasts about 7 minutes with 10 deaths and hundreds of encounters, wheras BR, even the really short games usually only have a handful of encounters with lots of running about scavenging inbetween.

      • Yeah Mr Gorha, Yd knows he’s wrong and is talking nonsense. You’re constantly in the action in a Cod game and it’s over in 5 to 10 minutes. Pubg or Fortnite last from 5 to 40 minutes with probably 2-5 encounters. He’s talking shit as usual.

  2. Haha, PS3 had MAG. That’s a good one. Wasn’t MAG objective based and in lieu of games like Battlefield with loadouts and respawns on a big map?

    Not really BR is it?

    I love all the denial that BR is popular on merit.

    • I wasn’t implying that, but Fortnite has done well in part because it’s free.

    • Yeah didn’t really see the relevance for MAG to get a mention. I don’t think it did anything that probably wasn’t already happening on pc or that lead to Pubg happening. Though I did like MAG a lot, shame it flopped.

      Also saying it’s popular because it’s free isn’t fair as there are numerous free games on console, but none have proven as popular as fortnite (& the paid Pubg). Some don’t want to admit it’s just they are fun games that have freshened up the shooter genre.

      • Yep, I know EVE Online did 250,000 people in one group back in the day.

      • Fun games indeed. Suspense, joy when finding advantageous gear, satisfaction when gear pays off and more so if winning as an underdog. Great teamwork and co-op options too.

        Time consuming though, but you kind of sign up to that knowing how the gameplay works.

  3. I feel the one game which really would suit a Battle Royale mode would be the multiplayer for The Last of Us 2.

    It would suit the slower pace of the game mode, and part of it already focuses on scavenging supplies.

    • Given the first game was a fairly decent single player experience with a pointless MP thing bolted on because apparently everything needed that at the time, then yeah, TLoU2 should definitely have a BR mode.

      • Seriously? You don’t think much of BR, and you don’t think much of TLoU multiplayer. Both fantastic multiplayer experiences.

        Fair enough. Hardly makes it ‘pointless’ or for someone with ‘the attention span of a goldfish’.

      • No need to sound quite so shocked.

        TLoU didn’t need anything other than the single player part. It was clearly another case of “we’d better stick in an MP mode, then maybe we can sell some extra bits”. Perfectly competent but unnecessary mode. Same thing happened with Uncharted, or even Assassin’s Creed.

        None of those needed MP with a decent single player game, and none of them were particularly fun or special in their MP modes.

        But if people want those modes, fine. Or if they really want a BR mode. As long as it doesn’t affect the single player part of the game, it can be safely ignored. The problem GTA5 had, with the online thing being so successful they didn’t bother with the single player DLC they might have otherwise done. And hopefully not a situation that gets repeated with RDR2 (the first game being one of the rare examples of a great single player game with a worthwhile MP part)

      • TLOU multiplayer was good.

        And you’re right, TLOU Battle Royale (with zombies) would be fab.

  4. Last night I received an email from Unisoft to fill in a Rainbow 6 Seige survey, having played the game to death I jumped at the chance to give feedback. A 20 minute survey, a few pages in and Boom! – about 5 pages of questions on PUBG, Fortnite and BR modes. Guess that’s the way things are going.

    TLoU really doesn’t need a BR mode. One of my favourite MP experiences as it is with a similar slow pace and scavenger mechanics. If Uncharted and PUBG had a baby with Resident Evil as a godparent then it would be called TLoU MP.

    How long before Candy Crush/Angry Birds battle royale?!!!

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