Quantic Dream Are Suing French Press Over Toxic Workplace Reports

While Quantic Dream and Sony have been giving press around the world previews of Detroit: Become Human, back home in France, Quantic Dream have been a bit less accommodating. Several months after reports of a toxic workplace and harassment came out via French reporters, Quantic Dream have now sued.

The story comes via Kotaku, who discovered that one of these reporters, William Audureau of Le Monde, was working on legal matters. Putting the question to Cage himself during the Detroit: Become Human preview tour, Cage said “We’re suing their journalists,” before Sony’s PR cut the question short.

Audureau confirmed the legal action to Kotaku, but asserts the veracity of the reporting alongside similar stories in Mediapart and Canard PC. Dan Israel of Mediapart also confirmed legal action, but Canard PC said that they have not yet been informed of any lawsuit. In each case, to satisfy the French anti-libel laws, they will now have to demonstrate that they performed their due diligence in reaching out to all the parties involved, taking their perspectives into account and that they acted in good faith.

The three outlets collaborated on the reporting, giving Cage the opportunity to respond to the allegations – he clumsily cited working with Ellen Page and Jesse Williams for how he couldn’t possibly be homophobic or racist – with Canard PC also publishing some of the photoshopped images that were a source of the alleged abuse.

Quantic Dream are following through on their threat to pursue legal action. The first court hearing set for July.

Source: Kotaku

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