Nintendo Has Sold 17 Million Switches & 10 Million Of Super Mario Odyssey

As Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima retires, you’d forgive him one last Scrooge McDuck-esque dive into Nintendo’s rapidly replenishing vaults of gold. Even if you haven’t really been paying attention, it’s no surprise the first full financial year with the Nintendo Switch on sale has been a rousing success for the company.

Basically everything that Nintendo are touching right now turns to gold. Their total assets have increased tenfold to 1663.7 billion yen (£10.7 billion), their operating profits fivefold to 177.5 billion yen (£1.1 billion), and there’s millions more consoles and games in the hands of gamers.


The Nintendo Switch now stands at 17.79 million units sold with 15.05 of those selling in the first financial year. The games have also flown off the shelves with Super Mario Odyssey the biggest of the bunch as it sold 10.41 million units, 9.22 million copies of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe were sold, 8.48 million of Breath of the Wild (making it the best selling Zelda game, 6.02 million copies of Splatoon 2 and twelve games in total passing the million seller mark. The most recent of these was Kirby Star Allies, which stands at 1.26 million.

Even the 3DS continues to sell fairly well, with 6.4 million consoles sold (up on 2017) and Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon selling 7.51 million of the 35.6 million games sold for the system.

The SNES mini sold more than 5 million units as well, amiibo sales rose past the 10 million mark, and even Nintendo’s fledgling mobile games business saw a 64% year-on-year rise to 39.3 billion yen (£25 million)

Source: Nintendo


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  1. Absolutely storming progress. Sadly I’ve just put mine up for sale today as I don’t have anywhere near enough time to play it these days. Personal highlights were Zelda and ARMS, and the sheer technical innovation of docking the console and playing on the big screen.

  2. I’m glad to see Nintendo are doing really well on both hardware and software sales. My first ever console was the SNES and if it wasn’t for the delays upon delays for the N64 Nintendo may still be my console of choice. But I got sick of waiting and jumped ship to the new boy, the original PlayStation.

  3. I’ve recently picked up a Switch and am loving it.
    Skyrim gets most of my time, but waiting for Bayonetta 2 to be delivered for something more fast paced.

  4. Impressive numbers, no doubt about it but I honestly expected the sales of their first party games to be higher. Not necessary like-for-like against console sales but much closer than they actually are.

    It’s not like PS or Xb where you can account for varying tastes and genre preferences – not everyone is going to enjoy Uncharted or Gears of War for example. I just find it odd that 7 million people bought a switch and didn’t buy Mario Kart Odyssey.

    I think what I’m saying is, why would anyone buy a switch if they didn’t like Mario, Zelda, or any of the other big first party exclusives? Could they be sharing games between friends or buying used copies?

    Not being a jerk or anything but I think in my mind I just assumed nearly everyone who buys a Nintendo console will play all the first party games. But maybe there are Switch owners who don’t like Mario or Zelda?

  5. My niece [5] absolutely loves her Switch. I play Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart with her. Its brilliant fun. Well done Ninty :-)

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