Spider-Man Is Looking So Fetch In His Infinity War Inspired Iron Spider Suit

I think it’s safe to say that Insomniac’s Spider-Man has rocketed up toward the top of quite a few people’s wish lists after recent showings of the game. It looks fantastic, and could quite easily end up being the best superhero game in a long time.

Of course, there’s going to be pre-order bonuses to try and get you to put your name down for a copy early, and to that end Insomniac have created a few special pre-order bonus costumes. The first was the Spider-Punk suit and now they’ve revealed the Infinity War inspired Iron Spider suit.


It comes as part of a big collaboration with Marvel Games and Marvel Studios, with Insomniac having access to the raw CG assets from the film that’s out this week, letting them create a suit that’s about as accurate as they come. I’m personally a bit so-so on the suit’s design, but I’m sure Mario fans will lap up the dungarees and red shirt look.

Each suit in the game has special powers, though Insomniac are keeping a tight lid on things. What they can say is that the Spider-Punk lets you rock out with a guitar and perform an AoE attack that knocks enemies off their feet, and that the Iron Spider suit lets you do something that Spidey does in Infinity War. Apparently it’ll be pretty obvious when it happens.

Spider-Man is due out on 7th September, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. “So fetch”?

    • Is this a move to appeal to a younger audience that might not understand English? :-P

      • If you lot haven’t watched Mean Girls you’re missing out.

    • I came to post the same thing.
      I do not think I understand what it is supposed to mean.

      • I was lost at first…
        I was trying to make out if it was a spelling mitsake..
        BUT! The word’s actual meaning is supposed to be ‘nice’, ‘expensive’ or ‘cool’
        GIYF……or if all else fails ask your 13 year old..

      • I don’t have a thirteen year old so shall acquire one. :P

    • This is what happens when I have to take a few days off. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow (assuming I can see by then)

      • Things are from normal here at TSA even with you at the helm TC :{0

  2. This game cannot land quick enough. I am a huge Webslinger fan!!!

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