May’s Free Twitch Prime Games Have Been Revealed

Twitch Prime subscribers can get six more free games this month, there’s nothing that will blow your socks off but hey, free games are free games. These are all for PC by the way, Twitch isn’t particularly generous to console gamers.


Here’s this month’s games:

  • Psychonauts: An insane adventure game where you use your own paranormal psychic powers to plumb the depths of the minds of the game’s bizarre characters to foil the plans of an evil villain.
  • Clustertruck: Platform your way through intense levels on top of out of control trucks driven by people that shouldn’t have a driver’s license. But the trucks aren’t your only issue, you’ll need to use all of your reflexes to navigate your way through perilous traps and hazards!
  • Gone Home: A game focused on environmental storytelling with incredible writing and a ridiculous attention to detail. Set inside your family’s Oregon home in 1995, you’ll need to investigate everything you can to uncover the mystery of what happened there.
  • Titan Souls: A super difficult reflex driven action game where you play as a small boy with only a single arrow to defend yourself. Not only are your weapons limited, but every fight you encounter is a boss battle. This is sure to test your skills.
  • High Hell: High Hell is a visceral first-person shooter. Its hyper fast paced and perfect for speed running as you sprint through levels and blast everything in sight!
  • I, Hope: An emotionally cathartic, beautifully crafted, and poignant story about a young girl and how cancer has forever changed her life.

Remember, if you have Amazon Prime you get Twitch Prime as a bonus.

Source: Twitch

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