Natural Disasters Coming To Cities: Skylines On Console This Month

One of the long standing complaints after Cities: Skylines’ original release was that the game didn’t have disasters in the game. Natural Disasters was Colossal Orders’ answer to that, cleverly wrapping gameplay around a few different ideas, but they’ve not been available in the console version of the game.

On both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the content in Cities: Skylines has lagged behind the PC version by a few expansions. As PC players await the Parklife DLC later this month, it’s now been revealed that Natural Disasters, the third expansion, is coming to console on 15th May. It will be available standalone or as part of the Season Pass which bundles it together with the other expansions.


Included in Natural Disasters, you have all sorts of things that can tear up your city, from meteor strikes and forest fires to tsunamis and earthquakes. However, you also now have buildings designed to detect, protect and react to those disasters, such as shelters, early warning systems and disaster response helicopter units.

Disasters also saw the introduction of scenarios, giving you a starting situation and end goal objectives to achieve. While you don’t seem to be able to create your own scenarios on console, the expansion does come with a number of pre-made scenarios to take on.

For more on Natural Disasters, make sure to check out our review of the expansion on PC.

Source: press release

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