PUBG Xbox One Update #13 Promises Lots Of Performance Improvements

It might be unlucky for some, but Xbox gamers might be a bit less shy of the number 13 after today’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds patch. Update #13 promises a ton of performance improvements and optimisations for all consoles, as tweaks and changes made on the Public Test Sever last week proved to be successful. We don’t have the new Miramar map on Xbox One yet, but there’s plenty of technical improvements to be seen here.

The update is live as of this morning, aiming at better performance during the initial skydive, general world loading and pop-in, more responsive inventory menus, and reducing the load that uninhabited vehicles and out-of-sight player actions cause.


Here’s that in patch note form:

  • Free-fall and parachuting process has been optimized, leading to performance improvements during the initial stages of each game.
  • World loading has been optimized. “Play-doh” and interior prop pop-in effects have been improved.
  • Movement data for nearby but out-of-sight players is now handled in a more efficient manner, resulting in general performance improvements.
  • Similarly, when nearby but out-of-sight players equip or unequip items, this process is handled in a more efficient manner. This helps with performance and crashes throughout the game.
  • The inventory has been optimized, improving response time when opening it and solving some crashing issues.
  • Uninhabited boats and vehicles were causing some performance issues, and we’ve resolved this issue.

There are obviously still some outstanding issues, with Bluehole noting that extended play sessions can lead to the game crashing. That sounds like there’s a memory leak somewhere, so no doubt their bad code sniffer dogs are on the trail.

After long play sessions (three or more hours) on the standard Xbox One and the Xbox One S, the game sometimes crashes. This has been a problem for some time, and we hope to solve it soon. In the meantime, there’s a simple workaround you can use. Simply restart the app every couple of hours if you plan on playing a longer play session.

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  1. If the performance is anything like mirimar on the PTS, then this will be good.

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