Super Lucky’s Tale Gets 80s Themed DLC Trials

The chirpy little fox from Super Lucky’s Tale is going all 80s with an 80s themed adventure in the Guardian Trials DLC, which is out now for Xbox One and PC.


Lucky’s sister Lyra decided to put him through the ringer and make him a bonafide Guardian, drawing more characters from the Book of Ages to set up challenges for Lucky to tackle, including some souped up bosses. Obviously, what better way to do this than theme everything after an 80s training montage?

There’s also some playing dress up for Lucky, with plenty of retro outfits to try on, from unitards to leg warmers and headbands.

Super Lucky’s Tale had the unenviable position of being the Xbox One X’s sole launch day exclusive, making the little fox bear the burden of being a kind of posterchild for the console, alongside all the One X Enhanced updates that older games received. In our review, Dom concluded that, “while the genre has undoubtedly moved on, taken on its own merit Super Lucky’s Tale is simple, inescapable fun.”

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