The News At Sixth: 03/05/18

Today’s been a little bit quiet on the news front, and you can partly blame the nice sunny weather that today brought to London.

Not known for his sunny disposition, the big story of today is probably that God of War is now the fastest selling PS4 exclusive. Maybe Kratos will lighten up a bit when he hears that? Then again, his smile is terrifying.

Also today…

It feels like every game is going free to play for this bank holiday weekend on Xbox One, because they’ve now announced that XCOM 2 is a little bit free to play, in addition to Ghost Recon Wildlands and Just Cause 3. You’ve got from an hour ago until 7:59AM BST on Monday to try it out, and the game and its DLC are both discounted.

The PES League World Finals are set for this summer, but between now and then they’ve got to decide who gets to go. The European round is the penultimate event leading into this and it’s this weekend in Berlin. Starting at 10AM with 1v1 and co-op, the knockout stages then start at 5:20PM. If you want to watch some simulated football, head here for more.

And in other footballing news, Juventus goalie Gianluigi Buffon is the new face of the Italian tech tree in World of Tanks. There’s 11 new Italian tanks, which as we all know from our jingoistic WWII history jokes, were renowned for their ability to reverse.

Apparently Buffon’s a big fan and said, “There’re always new challenges ready to knock you down, but your teammates are here to back you up. And having a few tanks at your command makes life a little easier. If you think you’re up for it, then join me in World of Tanks!”

Battlerite is the next game to add a Battle Royale mode, which they’re sensibly abbreviating to Battlerite Royale. The action MOBA is expanding to arenas of battle over 30 times the size of the regular ones, throwing 20 players in at a time to fight to be the last one standing.

I’m sure everyone on PC will be delighted to here that Square Enix Nvidia are teaming up once more to shove proprietary Nvidia visual gubbins into Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Nixxes do great work bringing Square Enix’s games to PC, but honestly this kind of thing can still go and burn in a dumpster fire.

The Little Nightmares Complete Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch on 18th May, but word to the wise, it’s only upscaling to 720p in handheld mode and only native 720p in docked mode. That’s a bit disappointing.

Finally, the final trailer for AO International Tennis before its launch next week on 8th May.

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