Star Wars Battlefront II’s Han Solo Season To Be Revealed Next Week

Though DICE have obviously had to go round the houses to address the progression and microtransaction problems that Star Wars Battlefront II had at launch, fans of the game have still had to be more than a little bit patient in waiting for the second season of missions and content for the game.

But that second season is here, and it’s all going to be themed around Han Solo to tie in with the new film.


Considering that the run up to launch had DICE and EA expressing a desire to have regular seasons of free content to keep players engaged, it’s a little galling to realise that The Last Jedi season kicked off a whole six months ago and ended in January. It’s been four long, long months with no news on when the next season might be on the way. Again, DICE have had to rework large parts of the game to address those microtransactions, but this has taken too long.

Here’s hoping it’s worth the wait.

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