Neo Geo Mini Announced, Includes 40 Games

SNK are the latest company to miniaturise their old tech, in this case a tiny version of the Neo Geo MVS arcade machine. There will be two versions, one for the Asian market and the other for Europe, America and everyone else. At present the only difference listed between the two versions are the colours of the mini arcade cabinet but it is possible they may contain different games.


The device has a built in 3.5 LCD screen so you can game on the go, but also includes HDMI out so you can play on your TV. It will come with 40 games preloaded, a full list has not been released but the promotion images show Metal Slug 2, King of the Fighters 97, RB2 The Newcomers, Metal Slug, and King of the Fighters 98.

A release date has not been set.

Source: Press release

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