Online Retailer GameSeek Has Gone Into Liquidation

In recent times news of retail outlets struggling and closing down has become more frequent, and today another name can be added to the list of retailers that no longer exist. The retailer in question is the online UK store GameSeek which has gone into liquidation and has left a lot of customers without products or the money they paid with. There’s been no real word from representatives of GameSeek, including owner Stephen Staley, but the website has been taken offline and all social media activity appears to have stopped.

What is known is that liquidators will officially be appointed on May 17th, and customers who have lost out may have to go through them to get their money back for goods that will now not be delivered. Of course, it is also worth customers going to the companies who they sent payment through, be it banks or PayPal, to see if they can offer recourse regarding the currently lost funds.


Gameseek was known for offering some deeply discounted deals, including the Switch for £198.50 at launch, as well as pricing a lot of other products well below RRP.

Source: Eurogamer

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  1. It’s never good news when a retailer goes bust but it seems par for the course these days.

    I pre-order games most of the time but I’m wondering if it’s worth it. The group that owns ShopToNet laid off workers a week or two ago albeit not in the games part of it.

    • Just be sure to pre-order only from places that take your payment AFTER they’ve shipped the item. I’ve read that this shop took your money immediately upon pre-order.

      • That’s why I use ShopTo (and the price), they only take the money when they post the game.

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