Star Wars Battlefront II – Han Solo Season Starts Next Week

You’d think that a new season of events and content would have the embattled Star Wars Battlefront II community overjoyed, but if you expected that, then you’ve not been on the internet for very long. Starting next week on 16th May, DICE have now announced the first wave of content, but it’s left the game’s fans miffed at reused content from the 2015 game, not addressing long-standing complaints, and a lack of clarity over what else is happening in the season for fear of film spoilers.

Firstly, the “new” map coming to Battlefront II next week is Jabba’s Palace from the first game’s Outer Rim DLC, which is usable in Blast, Hero Showdown – a new 2v2 hero mode – or Heroes vs. Villains game modes. Hero Showdown is a new 2v2 mode where you pick a pairings like Han and Chewie vs. Boba Fett and Bossk, always switching your choice between rounds. Offline, you’ll be able to play Starfighter Assault in the Starfighter Custom Arcade.


There’s also two new skins coming for Leia and Lando themed after Return of the Jedi. Leia’s Boushh bounty hunter gear (and voice) and Lando’s Skiff Guard outfits will be available for Credits or Crystals.

On the quality of life side of things, the main menu has been redesigned without the holographic effect and with a way to get into the game quicker, and in June it will let you spend Skill Points between rounds. You’ll also have new Milestones to aim for as an added layer to the progression system.

The problem is that, firstly, all of this was leaked, and secondly, DICE aren’t talking about what to expect in the rest of the season. All we have to start with are a few morsels of content, but where Season One was meticulously planned and explained prior to launch, DICE aren’t even saying what kinds of content can be expected in June.

Considering the long period of time that the community have waited for DICE to address the progression issues and start delivering meaningful content again, that’s disappointed quite a lot of people on the game’s Reddit.

Source: DICE, Reddit

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