The Games Under €20/£16 Sale Returns To The PlayStation Store

God Of War 3 Remastered, Mafia 3, Fallout 4, Dirt Rally, and Far Cry Primal are now for sale on the PlayStation Store, with Kingdom Come: Deliverance the Deal of the Week at £34.99. There’s no DLC on sale apart from offers on GTAV Online cash cards.

To be honest I can’t see anything particularly new on sale so I’m going to recommend Houseqmarque’s Matterfall which is £7.49, and the rather good Shadow of the Beast  which is just £3.49, you can’t go wrong at that price.


By the way, I’ve just tried a few of the links below and they all lead just to the PlayStation Store rather than the game page so you’ll have to search for the titles on the store.  Excellent work once again from the PlayStation Blog.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. I went straight to the game after clicking the link. I have a funny feeling you have to be logged into the store already for it to take you directly to the required page.

    Tempted by Alien Isolation. Not a bad price at £7.39 but will see if I can get it cheaper elsewhere maybe.

    • Alien Isolation is a fantastic game if you love stealth games and love the Alien series.

      The fear it brings as you are confined in tight spaces with one Alien is utterly well done…I still remember the moment in the game when you first see it…jaw dropping.

      Decent story line and the hardest difficulty is brutal.

      I can’t remember a game where I spent most of my time hiding in a locker or under a table for so long daring not to breathe or go out…

      Turn out the lights…surround sound headset…epic experience.

      • It would take lives if they released it on PSVR.

        Amazing game.

      • No! It would be a terrible idea in VR. Resident Evil 7 was terrifying enough in VR, with most people probably only playing in 20 minute chunks with a change of underwear afterwards.

        As good as Alien Isolation is (and everyone should definitely buy it for that bargain price), a VR version would at best be unwise, and at worse end up with a court case brought by the victims families. There would be many of them. Possibly involving someone found starved to death while hiding in a VR locker.

        At the very least, legal people would insist on 17 different warnings every time you start the game (on top of that annoying PSVR warning you have to stare at for 5 seconds every time you turn the headset on)

  2. Nothing much to tempt me – phew.

    • It really has come to that, hasn’t it? Relief when you realise this week’s sale hasn’t got anything to tempt you and make the backlog even more impossible to deal with.

      Usually followed by finding something to tempt you on the last Tuesday of the sale, the day before the whole thing starts all over again.

      I’m mostly relieved because the Bridge Crew DLC finally comes out soon and that’ll be another few dozen hours spent there. And also everything else that tempted me in recent sales has been a massively long RPG.

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