[UPDATE] Rage 2 Pretty Much Confirmed By Bethesda

The official Twitter account for Bethesda’s game Rage has sprung back in to life with a tweet to Walmart regarding their listing for Rage 2 which you can see below. It mocks the rather basic art used for the game pointing out the key art is missing and there is no age rating. It also includes the Rage logo.


The entire Twitter account is now wrapped in the same image and the official Bethesda account was one of the first to reply to the image with a rather exasperated “Dude”. Just to add to the authenticity Bethesda’s Pete Hines waded in a started making flouncy comments so that confirms the game is real to me!

UPDATE: Bethesda have tweeted a picture of Big Ben with the same pink-purple colouring above, with the clock face set at 5.14. Presumably this means a Rage 2 announcement on May 14th, which is Monday. And yes, pedants, I know the clock isn’t called officially Big Ben but it’s what everyone calls it. Does this mean Rage 2 is set in London? Not long till we find out.

UPDATE 2: Another tweet, I think this one is a little less difficult to decode, a launch with 5-14 on it, and the same pink-purple colours.

Source: Twitter

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  1. Ok I know not many people probably care about a Rage 2 but I enjoyed the first one, I thought it was a pretty fun shooter.
    Given id’s recent form with Doom I’m really looking forward to Rage 2 being revealed.

  2. Would pedants be more worried about the fact that the cock isn’t called Big Ben, or the fact that “5.14” isn’t May 14th, because that’s not how dates work!!

    • Dates in America are MM/DD/YY and Bethesda are American.

      Also… the what? I mean I know I’m 6’5″ but I haven’t named it..

      • I’m never typing the word clock again. It always goes wrong.

        I once had a job where I had to order repairs and replacements for various things at railway stations. Someone would usually notice a purchase order for a 9 inch clock had a typo before signing it. And railway station clocks rarely seemed to survive a weekend without needing to be fixed or replaced on a Monday morning. Drunk people at the weekend can’t keep their hands off clocks.

        I had to check that about 4 times before hitting the post button, and I’m still worried I’ll have accidentally slipped one in anyway. Penis.

        Also, being American is no excuse for incorrect and completely weird date formats. They must know the rest of the world exists and does it properly by now?

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